Hi Annika. I really enjoyed the post. 🙂 I’m sure you had a great time over there. The art work is simply breathtaking and filled with creativity.

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Whimsy met fantasy, nature recreated by man stood next to the absurd, the beautiful rested close to the ethereal celebration of family. A journey of discovery ensued as I visited the Gardens and Arboretum of Marks Hall which hosted over 300 sculptures from across the UK. For once such a magnificent exhibition was near to me and with a childish delight of the unknown, I set off to explore…and found the most wonderfully surprising, original, colourful and creative work imaginable. It felt an honour to feast my eyes upon these sculptures and I left a few hours later in awe of the artists and inspired by the collective creative energy.


The plaque accompanying this magnificent statue was written by the designer, Stephen Charlton and is a testament to his desire to share joy and happiness with the viewer through his work.


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The song still continued

It was a day, that was a night;

when the sky held its breath,

and the sun was arrested,

behind the dark dull grey curtains.

Everything came to a stand still,

but the glory was not all lost.

The sun had not yet died,

there peeked a golden gleam of hope.

In the end, the sun overcame the dark.

In the end, there was triumph.

In the end, everything was back to normal.

In the end, the sun smiled.

In the end, the day went on.

In the end, its song still continued.

For Daily Prompt:  Overcome

Got by the Thrones

I just had a dream yesterday and I think it was the most hilarious dream that I’ve had in a long time. So here it goes….

I’m at a place which looks like a marketplace in Middle East. And then, I see Jon Snow — of course, from the Game of Thrones. He is helping someone… a female escape. I just see the head which is covered and she is mounted on something high. I assume it could be a horse or a dragon or even a camel (as it is Middle East) but just then, I see Jon Snow turning on the ignition of an all terrain vehicle. (WAAHT!) Before I could digest this, I’m caught by the aching look of separation in Jon Snow’s eyes.

No dialogue…only the look exists. (AAAW!)

Just then, Tyrion happens to be there at the market place and he sees them, but they don’t see him. He is also mounted on an all terrain vehicle. He mumbles to himself, “Don’t! Don’t do that. Don’t go!”

Just then, Jon Snow starts the vehicle of the female and I hear the engine.

I see Tyrion with an intense look on his face.

And then, I wake up….

Let me be honest, I had watched Game of Thrones a few days back but I would admit that I’m not the biggest fan of it nor am I obsessed with its characters and yet, I ended up in a dreamy episode of Game of Thrones, under the banner of — My Own Dream Production House.

I woke up thinking that I was actually watching an episode of it.  But then, I let the thought sink in for some seconds (the way you would also do after watching a real episode). I then realized that it was just a dream.  The funny thing is, I actually had a question in my mind — Who was that female…Daenerys or Sansa… weird!  After a quick reality check, I could not stop smiling at the thought of what I had seen.

Have you had such a dream about some serial or a movie which is an extension of the same but are your own fragments? I would love to hear if you’ve ever stayed on the sets of your favourite or not so favourite serial or movie with or without its characters…but only in your dreams, that is.

The Perfect Time

I’ve never met a person who doesn’t wait for a perfect time to show up at their doorsteps. But we all know that doesn’t happen very often. I mean there could be — plenty of time,  good times even bad times, some unlucky moments and some surprisingly lucky times…  but to pick a perfect time amongst all these would be a little too difficult.

There had been instances in my life, where I had been waiting for that perfect time to pop up right in front of me, but it never showed up.

This cycle of waiting and wanting brought a new companion along — watching. So now it was me, waiting and wanting and watching… as others succeed in their plans of life. And then another new element was born — wonder. I kept wondering… did anyone wait for a perfect time like me or was it just me.

A closer look at my own life made me think. Can there be a perfect time ever?

And it was then, that I realized that time is anything but perfect. If you want to be a part of the time, you just have to go with it… without measuring its lengths as good or bad.

It was then that I realized that perfect time doesn’t exist, if you want to do something.

I realized that waiting for the perfect time is like never actually crossing the sea.

I realized that waiting for that perfect moment lead me nowhere, and I kept standing at the same place.

It’s then that I realized, that what had kept me at my doorsteps was not the wait for that perfect time but my own fear and hesitation of giving myself to the process.

It could be true that someone somewhere would have met that perfect time. But I can’t say that for myself, and I can’t keep hoping for it to show up at my doorsteps according to my desires. Perhaps in that case, I might just fly with time into the bounds of imperfection instead of waiting for that perfect time to arrive at my door.

Thanks You all…


… for helping me to keep going

Today, I would like to “Thanks ” all my friends, followers and all the visitors of my blog. 🙂

I would like to say that I truly appreciate you visiting my blog, reading my posts and commenting on the most heartfelt posts.

I would also like to say that it is all because of the kind, supportive and encouraging words of my dear readers and blogger friends (guys, you know who you all are as your words have helped me to keep going and not stopping even when I wanted to…. so a big thanks to you all guys). It means a lot to me.

I would like to thank my blogger community as they stood by me and not pulling out when I was sailing hard times — that means so much to me — so a Big Thank You for that too.

All those who have followed me in my journey of blogging would know and would have see the blog evolve a lot, so thanks a ton for staying and enjoying with me through the various colours of my blog.

I know, I’ve not been very consistent in the past few months but I’m happy to say that I’m back to my blogging world and I can’t wait to dig my hands deeper into the blogspace and get back to where I belong…friends, reading, commenting, chatting, sharing and contributing.

So, Thank You all of you, once again for your time, patience and great encouragement. 😀

On this note, I would also want to welcome all the new faces and new names that have just joined in. 😀

Kinky Boots

So yesterday I spent my evening watching the movie — Kinky Boots

It was an old movie, produced in the year 2005.

Stars: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Joel Edgerton, Sarah-Jane Potts |

Watch The Trailer

How did I like the movie?

I liked it. It had a simple story. I wanted to watch something light, watchable that involved no brains while watching. It did entertain me with all that along with a bit of humor, romance, pain, heartache and happiness.

The story…

…is about — Charlie, who owns a shoe factory after the unexpected death of his father.
After his father’s death he understands that the factory wasn’t doing very well, almost standing on the edge of bankruptcy. He struggles to keep the factory running but he fails  as there is no market for the shoes they make. So, he resorts to another solution — he starts firing people. But a question thrown at Charlie makes him think and he is propelled in another direction — reviving his business and finding a product to go with time rather than against it. He does find an unusual solution. And that’s when “Lola” comes into the picture.

In the end — it’s a happy ending. But the happy isn’t all happy as Charlie faces some trouble but in the end appears to be a hero.

I enjoyed the movie along with the fine acting skills of all the actors.

If you have already watched this movie, then please share your thoughts. If you are considering, then I hope you like it. 🙂

Book Review: The Freethinker’s Prayer Book

I had read a short story by him, in school, and I really loved his writing style. Would put this on my list, too.
Thanks Asha.


This isn’t a book review, not in the actual sense. Simply because this is not one of the books you can pass judgment on. If anything, it is one of those books you read for just the pleasure of reading.

Now, there’s quite a tale following why in the first place I read this book. I wouldn’t deprive you of the pleasure. So here goes!

Well, let me be honest. I did not know who Khushwant Singh is or rather was, not until recent past, let alone the literary genius that he actually was. The day the author passed away, a close friend whom I address as S here (an admirer of the late author), drowning in grief, didn’t know what to do with his life but speak to me on the subject. I was moved by his love for the author which I soon realized was instilled in him by his parents (who…

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A few months back I bought a hibiscus plant. Somehow it caught insects and I did everything to get rid of those. Finally the plant became green but I hadn’t seen any buds or flowers. A few days back, I was satisfied to see a bud peeping out of the leaves.

It was the beginning of summer and a bad time to buy a rose plant…but I did. Infact I bought two, one red and one white. Within a week’s time they both dried and I got sad. In desperate need to revive them I just trimmed them, I don’t know why… but I did. Every morning, I watched the plants to see some signs of life. I knew they were alive but I just needed some signs. Then one day, I saw new leaves sprouting in the red one first and then the white one. One or two days back, I was more than satisfied, thrilled and happy to see a bud greeting me.