Wish what you may

No, I’ve never been near any wishing fountains. No, I never had the opportunity to throw coins in those wishing fountains. And since the above two haven’t been tried my wishes have not come true.

Although I’ve never thrown any coins in the fountains I have thrown pebbles in the wells and ponds. I loved throwing a stone on the well as it made a dub…dub sound and sank down. I also loved the sound of the stone thrown in an open space like a pond or a river. I enjoyed the music and saw the stone fading away in water just like the sound was lost in it.

But I have followed other practices to make my wishes come true.

I have wished upon my fallen eye lashes (As they rest on my cheeks, someone took it and gave it on my hands and asked me to make a wish and blow at it).

I have wished on my birthday candles. Something that we all did when we were children. Make a wish and blow the candles.

Three sneezes one after the other meant something coming true. So, I got ready to wish.

Wish on a star that was right on top of my head (or it seemed so), was a favourite one when I was a kid.

A very common one is wishing on a falling star, but again I’ve never seen one. I do wish to see it one day.