Criticism: Builds Stronger Bones in You

There are certain things in life that you don’t ask for and yet you receive them. One such thing is – criticism. Does it matter if someone criticizes you in the kindest of tone or brings agonizing pain in every word they offer.

If you have said or done something that attracts criticism then you should be happy about it for a simple acts will not gather much attention. The words or actions – good or bad are to be decided by the people. Each will receive it differently, according to their taste in belief, values and attitude.

If your actions or words bring criticism then beware of your friends and enemies. For it is only the friends and few who would be gentle in their criticism; they are not to be worried about. It is the others who would rip your heart out using words as sharp as shards of glasses. This will only give them pleasure. They will smile, as you cry in pain wounded by their words. It is these people who are worrisome.

If you are good with reasoning skills; you can buy “the friend type” or the gentler ones but not “the enemy kinds”. The hard ones or the enemy kinds would want to listen to your reasons, but be sure that they are only listening to bury you deeper in their criticism. Their sole aim would be to insult you – your understanding – inflict you with pain. They are the same people who would want to see you cry, as they speak, and would be satisfied by bringing defeat to the idea for which you stood up. They will make sure that they’ll crush your bones and leave you crippled so that you don’t ever stand up or stand against them.

Criticism brings great opportunities and greater responsibilities with it. Opportunities, that people’s voice will stick with yours for one cause or a true cause. Responsibilities would lie in your actions as you will need to protect the ones that follow you, not to mention yourself and your ideas too. But all this will come later only if you survive the stage one criticism.

What is stage one criticism, then? Well, if you are able to survive the insulting lashes and suppress your pain – you have survived stage one of criticism. Then comes stage two which is playing reasons. Although, be sure that reasons will not win the hearts of those who are already criticizing you. This is a crucial stage as there would be many others and these others would want to flock their feathers for you – depending on the reason you give.

Therefore, if you decide to bring criticism onto yourself – be ready. The kind ones would not hurt you – much – but the ruthless would. So for these ruthless build a stone heart which is impenetrable and a steel body which conceals your emotions or feelings.

Healthy way

“It is good to stay healthy,” I say this to myself and wear my jogging shoes.

“Staying healthy is no option it is mandatory,” another statement that my mom says and my doctor agrees with her. I on the other hand am not so health conscious but I do believe in keeping my body fit and mind healthy. I also believe that one should work- inward outward, and not the other way round.

By working your ways from inward to outward you not only maintain a healthy mind but a healthy body as well. I think it is a must to cleanse your mind and by doing so you inadvertently keep the body healthy too. However, by focusing on the body we forget to keep track of the mind. Some people believe that a healthy body doesn’t need a healthy mind or it is the one and the same thing. Every person can think independently for him/her self and work accordingly which is best suited for their body and mind.

I believe in working from inward to outward. That’s why I focus on a workout to keep my mind healthy first and then focus on the body. I might not be jogging or walking everyday in the park but my mind has to follow a regime every morning. I start my day with meditation which is later followed by a yoga session. I keep the sessions short or long, depending on my schedule. But that certainly doesn’t mean that I don’t like to go on walks or jogging. I absolutely love these activities as well as they help you to be out in the nature. It is during this time that you see, hear and feel the invisible whispering in your ears that opens your eye of creativity.

Re uh lax!

“You have worked too much for a day, so I think you should relax.”

Who me? Yes, you my strong body and my resilient brain, both of you.
I know you two have helped me working non-stop for the entire day. And now I can see-body you have become tired, and mind you also have become lethargic and confused.

Just relax for a while. “No, I can’t,” says the stubborn mind.

But you need to relax for sometime otherwise you will not be able to function efficiently tomorrow. Don’t you want that? Yes, yes, agrees the mind.

So, come let’s just relax form some time.

I listen to one of the deep relaxation audio files- with the bells chiming and the sweet incense sticks burning I let my mind and body relax for a little while. Once this exercise is over I treat my mind by taking it on a trip (no, not the Hawaii kind of trip). I let my mind go on a trip by sitting silently for a few minutes. This goes on for a nice ten to fifteen minutes, until my body starts resenting its sitting idle. The mind is now refreshed.

Now comes your turn-body. Let me pamper you, so I take out the pastry from the fridge. I nicely place myself on a couch, with the remote in one hand and pastry in the other; I go into the non-working mode for a while. I relish each bite as my body unwinds with each small little spoonful bites and my mind simply recites the sounds of taste…uumh!…umh! The body feeds and gains strength and mind relaxes until the pastry vanishes from the plate…after that back to normal mode.