Book Review: The Box Under The Bed

I just finished reading “The Box Under The Bed”.

The Book Cover

It is compiled and edited by Dan Alatorre. There are a total of 27 stories. The stories vary in word limit. Since they come from many authors you’ll surely be digging your eyes into a variety of stories.

I’m not a fan of scary stories and this was my first pick. I would say that the book was an entertaining read. It says scary and looking at the book cover I expected it to be some-what ghostly. Guess what? It proved to be more than scary and ghostly. If you love dark, disturbing, macabre, violent reads — this is, the book to read.

You could also easily fall prey to picking your favourites. I did! Each story was well crafted and had a unique story to tell. Some had twists that I wasn’t expecting. Some were creatively dark and gory. I would refrain myself from naming my favourites. To be honest, I had bookmarked them all…well, mostly all. Once I had finished reading the entire book, I saw myself going back for a quick reread. In addition to the stories; I also liked the book cover. It looks creepy with the eye and the paint. There’s something! pause… a long pause!

I would leave you all with excerpts from the book.

“But it isn’t the temperature that has dropped; it’s the atmosphere. The chill is not in the air but down my spine, something I choose to explain by the rain trickling down the back of my neck.”

Another …

“She could almost feel his longing and the surge of nervous energy coursing through his muscles. Seeing it in someone else sent an electric current of chills down her spine.”

Book Review: A Dash of Flash by Millie Thom

A long vacation was due for me so I had packed my bags but I couldn’t think of not reading anything. So, I chose a book that I had been wanting to read for a long time and it was — A Dash of Flash.

Here’s my copy (Kindle version)


It truly was a collection of flash fictions. The bonus for me were the pictures that some stories had. The author had already stated the length of the stories in the “about the book” page. Some stories were as short as 100 words and some were as long as 1000 words. The length really didn’t matter to me as I enjoyed reading all of them. Inspite of being on my vacation, once I had picked up the book for reading, I was amazed that I could not keep it until I was close to finishing it. I had intentionally kept some to read on the plane. Each story was different in its own sense and style. I think, I could re-read it again.

I also loved the cover of the book. The typewriter and a stroke of lightning looks very appealing to the eyes.

So, if you are a fan of short stories or flash fictions I would suggest that you give a read to this book and I’m sure you’ll not be disappointed.