The Room

He looked at an empty frame. “Why was it empty? Who keeps an empty frame?” he muttered to himself.

There was something peculiar about the room. The room was filled with books and magazines but did not have any place to sit. It had a big clock that looked lost in time and too old to function properly.

“Only if I could see someone, I could ask for some tea or water or even a place to sit,” he thought.

The place was sealed with silence.

With steady steps, he approached to one of the stacks of books. He tried to pick it up to read.

“Ah! Marvelous,” he said with a chuckle. “It’s no book, they are chairs.” He inspected every stack. The ones to the east of the room were chairs and the ones to the west were all readable books.

“That’s something uh! The person wants you to sit and read by the daylight.”

He took one of the books and cautiously placed himself on the artistic book chair.

The room was now losing its glow and the clock started to tick faster. With his eyes set on the book, he hardly noticed this change. He was deeply immersed in the book.

As the night grew stronger, the clock ticked louder. In that dark room, the only thing that was clear – was the heart beat of the running clock.

The sun made an announcement of a new day as it gently knocked at the east window.

Everything was back to normal. The clock gave a tired look from the previous night’s run and the books and the chairs were camouflaged as one. The room – prim and proper – had everything in its place, except for the outsider.



Expressing – in Words and Pictures

Trying to find peace within hearts is a difficult task specially in a fast paced and a mechanized world of today; however, if some time is spent alone with mother nature – one can certainly find peace.

clinging to a flower

clinging to a flower

Mother nature is a talented artist, brilliant creator and an experienced teacher. For an amateur like me, she spreads her arms which overflows with ideas, and that’s why I find myself clinging to her for inspiration, peace and wisdom.

white mushroom

white mushroom

Believers sprout like white mushrooms from dark brown soil and green grass. They all find their way up.

bookish christmas tree

bookish christmas tree

Books are the best companions that one can have. I feel that it’s almost difficult to read all the great books in one lifetime. And that’s why I feel that I should have started reading since the day I was born or I should now, read with an increased speed like my dying days are nearing.

pond with lotus leaves and sprinkled red flowers

pond with lotus leaves and sprinkled red flowers

Water is one of my favourite elements and so I would like to conclude my post with a quote from Lao Tzu : Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it.

Smiling with the Smell

I smell nature

in fresh green grass

I smell innocence

in a hot cup of chocolate

I smell strength

in the pages of new books and covers

I smell freedom

in the vastness of sea

I smell relief

in the first shower of monsoon rains

I smell my hunger

in the freshly baked carrot cake

I smell love

in lavender, jasmine and roses

I smell my addiction

in a bottle of all ground spices and herbs

I smell laziness

in the dark blue night sky

I smell a child

in you

Vending Machine

What all could you want from a vending machine that works like Aladdin’s Lamp only it is not a lamp it’s a machine. It is not small, it is huge and you cannot hide it. It doesn’t work when rubbed but works fine when pressed or touched (that is, if it has a touch screen or the normal buttons to press).

Let me think for a while. Are you sure that I’ll not have to insert coins or money into it. If that’s the case then I would want it to give me some walnuts whenever I’m hungry (I love them). How about cooked home meals, I think I would love that (I hope that it tastes like a home meal too) as it would spare me from going through the trouble of cooking. There are books that I would want to read and hope this machine gives me books of various authors from different genres. And no, it would not help me in publishing a book but just help me to find the real book that I want to read. Medicines and check-ups are expensive these days. What if this machine is capable of detecting the error in body and suggest the relevant medicines or better if it could give it. I think now I’ll let the machine (that’s in the making… somewhere) rest for a while.

Dinner to Sleep

“Switch off the T.V. and go to sleep.” My mom used to say when I was a kid and so it was.

Now things are different and I’m my own master, doing things differently and certainly my way. So dinner is served and after that I go for a small stroll. It is before dinner that I watch all my favourite operas (that is if I’m free, if not then I watch news or something entertaining).

Now, what else do I do when my mind and body is fully awake. It is better that I should utilize its energy so I just do that. Here comes out my laptop from its bag and very nicely and obediently sits on the table. I start with checking my mails, looking for important articles and reads, searching for relevant things related to my sessions, reading the blogs and finally when I’m done I put my laptop to sleep. Then after switching off the lights I’m ready to catch my sleep express. This is something I do on a daily basis, however, on some days I declare a holiday for my laptop.

When not engaged with my laptop I give my attention to my T.V. set and watch some movie or some entertainment channel or food channel … and finally when I don’t see what is being shown: I know … sleeping time is near, and off I go to sleep.

Then there are a few days when I take a book and read one or two pages or till the time I can understand what is written. Finally when I’ve read too much I switch off the lights and sit quietly for at least ten minutes. I think about the day that got over, the people that I met, what situation did I face, if it was a peaceful day or not, if not how could I have handled it better at work…and tomorrow will be a bright morning. And then I take a long stretch and may be yawn a bit sometimes and go off to sleep. Coming to you sleep…Goodnight dear friends! My eyes closing…closing …closed.

Confessions of a Writer

I would like to confess something on WordPress today.

I’m not a writer; yes, that’s true I’m not. Wondering who gave me your address.
Not long ago, my sister introduced me to WordPress and through WordPress I came to meet so many talented writers. Yes, they are writers. In reading their blogs I have known them to have this writing habit right since childhood. Some started to write at the raw age of five and some seven and yet others at the age of eleven.

I’m still novice and if I compare (just an expression, I would dare not compare myself to these talented gifted writers) myself to them I’m just a toddler. Writing is a very recently acquired habit.

If I try to look at the root of this cause I will find “reading” to be its answer.
Many people love to read and many start reading at the age of ten or twelve. It was not untill graduation that I started reading books. Before that I only used to read my subject books. But when I started to read, I read and I read and kept on reading and am still reading.

In school I loved to hear others saying “I love to read books”. Everyone in my family was into reading and so books were found everywhere. I was often told “you should read books or maybe newspapers”. To save myself from any embarrassment in front of friends and family members even I started harping…“I love to read books”. When asked which book is your favourite or anything related to books, I would tell a story and escape the conversation.

When I was staying alone while working I really wanted to read books. While talking to a friend of mine I said, “Even I want to read a book”. The next day she got Da Vinci Code for me. Yes, you have guessed it right, this is how long I’ve been reading books, which is not too long.

The book was too interesting and controversial. How was I to take the book? I took it in the spirit of reading a novel. It was just a novel to me and I had to finish it. After that I read other books by the same author. Then walking one step at a time, I moved to other authors like Jeffery Archer, Stephen King, Ruskin Bond to name a few.

I didn’t realize that I was infected by a reading virus. I started reading books from various genres- self help, fiction, non-fiction, classic and spiritual. Only recently I realized that there is no cure for this “reading disease” of mine. Looking at my intensive reading habit I came up with a cure- read for atleast half an hour every day. Yes, I have to read for at least half an hour everyday, maximum hours can vary. Although, I cannot read for an entire day (it makes me dizzy and confused). Too much reading is like over stuffing my mind.

All this while I did not know that this habit will impact me to such an extent. I was feeding my mind with knowledge; after some time it was not able to take it anymore. I could almost hear the buzzing of my thoughts. At first I didn’t know what to do? After observing myself and consulting with the creative me, I came up with a solution. I started to write my thoughts.

I was amazed to find out that these thoughts proved to be the base of some story or prose. Sometimes they were roughly scribbled poems.

After writing and reading it out to some of my family members I was encountered with a much known question “So, am I a writer?”

I started ruminating. I realized that I’m as much a writer as a child is a painter. If a child loves to paint he/she doesn’t become a painter. So, much so if I write I’m not a writer. I love to write but I’m not a writer. The passion holds me firmly to a pen and paper but I know there are too many things that I need to take care of- grammar, punctuations, vocabulary to name a few. But I also know that I’m learning at every stage and with every step I’m enhancing my skills.

I write because I love to share my views. I write to express myself and more than that it is a cure for my buzzing mind with non-stop thoughts. So I write. I write as I’m not a writer but I know to write.

In response to: Writing Challenge: Writerly Reflections

Smile an everlasting smile

Smile an everlasting smile

“Smile an everlasting smile…” these are not just words from a song. I’ve always thought why is it difficult to wear a smile. Although sometimes it appears on our faces without any hesitation and other times it is equally burdensome.

I know of someone whose life is not going uphill in terms of career or personal life and she is very depressed. I remember her; she was the same person who used to enjoy life to the fullest. I can sense the sadness in her tone. So one day I asked her, “Why don’t you smile?” And she said,”I can’t”. I told her but you should at least try. She said,” I don’t know, I can’t. It is very hard. Even if I try to, it is very difficult.”

This dialogue with her made me thinking that is it possible not to smile. Can it be so difficult to wear a smile? People say “laughter is the best medicine” and I truly believe that. You can’t laugh all the time and so I’m a big fan of a simple smile. Nothing else will brighten your day like a simple smile.

One of the things that I like to do early in the morning is walk up to the mirror and simply smile at myself. Unlike my friend even I was not doing great in the two quadrants of life: career and relationship.  All of a sudden I could feel that my heart had gained weight and it was sinking and corroding me from inside. I don’t know about looking but I used to feel that I was five times older than usual (of course! without any experience or my actual age being that old). To be honest I didn’t like this new version of me. I think most of the people would agree to my condition because there are times when things do not go your way and this is exactly how someone or most of us would feel. So I started to find ways to pull myself back to the old me that I had known for so many years.

I started reading motivational books, watch motivational CD’s I also started tracing steps of influential people who withstood hard times; but nothing was helping me much and I kept going back to the gloomy me. I realized that I was spending most of my time inside the house, so, I decided to move out. I made it a routine to go out in the park at least once in the day.

The park not only used to fill me with a new refreshing energy but it pleased my heart as well. I used to sit an enjoy the children playing and laughing, the dogs taking a walk with their owners, youngsters and old walking and exercising  to keep themselves fit and healthy. I couldn’t stop myself from going to the park. But there was still some sadness in my heart.

As one day I was sitting in the park bench a small child came up to me, and she simply smiled at me. I couldn’t stop myself and returned her smile. In that moment something had changed and I could feel that I was not trying to smile but genuinely smile at her. It was a miracle moment for me because my heart was also smiling with me and I felt light as a feather. I kept smiling that entire day.

The next morning when I got up and was accidentally standing in front of the mirror I could see a faint smile on my face. I could see the change in me and around me. That smile had not only brightened my day but also brought a new and better version of me.

From that day on wards I decided that the first thing I’ll do after getting up would be to look at my reflection on the mirror and smile. It has almost been one year and I’ve kept up with this routine till date. I think it is just a way of greeting me and wishing a great day ahead. I would agree that sometimes when the life doesn’t go my way I become sad but I’ve found out a trick to keep smiling and keep myself happy. I just have to remember the innocent smile of that girl who walked up to me in the park, and I have a smile on my face (Sometimes I think what if the smile of that girl fades away from my memory what will I do then. Simple I’ll look for another innocent smile; the world is big enough to find one).

I’ve realized that a smile is just like a flower; the freshness and the fragrance of which spreads from your heart to your face. But when times are difficult you could just wear a smile and your heart would bloom with joy (not to mention that you would look younger).