Springing colours

The winter is over but only for this season.


…some white flowers like snow dots

With the on set of another season, I find colours of different shades that have filled my garden very quietly.


…a sunny flower attracting some hard working bees

The trees standing on the roadside and the shrubs have also spoken colours.


bright bougainvillea

Walking along the sidewalks, I notice a flower that is one of my favourites. Its tree – a gentle frame of branches and twigs, holds itself upright with green leaves clinging to itself. And finally during this time of the year it springs to life with some bright red flowers. The flowers are as big as my mobile phone. During the Indian festival of Holi they were used to make natural colours. Today, they are used as natural colouring agent to dye the clothes. Why not? Sometimes and most of the times, when I see this flower at this time of the year – which also promises of spring – I drastically stop myself from picking it up and rubbing it in my palms like a carefree child.


palash flower, the scientific name – Butea monosperma

Very soon these flowers would have decayed. One will look for shadier grounds as the gentle spring would dance and take a fierce form of summer.


a palash tree, at its full bloom