A slice of bread

With a slice of bread in one hand and a butter knife in the other, I sit like a king to eat. The butter knife dives into the butter. In a quick second… nice, white, fresh butter sits at the mouth of the knife. With gentle hands, I smear it all over the bread. On top of the fresh, salted, white butter I spread some goat cheese and then I further decorate it with some shards of dark chocolate. I free my hand of the metallic knife.

Now, it’ll all be senses as I take a bite. The best way will be, to close my eyes and savour the taste which is just so divine.

Corn: A mystery novel

corn: a powerful and healthy food to nibble

corn peeled to show its true colour

What is so unusual about corns? Have you ever thought, that there could be a similarity between corns and onions or are they completely different characters?

They both are similar as they both are layered and nicely wrapped. There true identity is hidden and it takes time to reveal itself and in the case of an onion takes a lot of your patience and watery eyes. This is the only similarity that I see; their true identities are hidden.

Corns reminds me of some mystery novel. Of course I know what’s inside a corn’s ear. But I also remember the first time as a child when I had seen the corn in my house.

My niece was home last week and I got some field corns for everyone one. I went to the kitchen and saw the little one coming after me. She is very shy and an adorable kid. I took out the corns from the basket. I started to husk them. Looking at her, I thought it would be a great idea to give her one to do the job. She and I were husking and finally when she saw the golden corns she was overjoyed and she smiled with wide eyes. Now that was my reward, but it took me back to my childhood days when I used to be amazed to find my way in through the corn’s maze. Till date I’m surprised by these humble edible treats.

What surprises me is that these yellow tidbits are always arranged in a nice order of rows and columns. They remind me of obedient school children. When I was one we were asked to form straight lines, till primary (junior class) we could not stand in neat lines but in higher classes we took an arms distance and knew to make a perfect line. Same is true with these edible masters they are always neatly arranged and one or two might just protrude out from a line. They might destroy the pattern but it reminds me off a curious child, the one who will not do the same as asked to do. That particular corn reminds me of my friend’s son; he will never listen to anyone and will do what you ask him not do.

Coming back to the corns. As they remind me of some mystery novel as I was saying earlier…how? A mystery novel needs a proper planning and plotting. Forget it being a hit or not, a mystery needs anticipation some keenness, which is present in a corn.

It certainly looks like a humble plot in wrappings of vibrant cool shades of greens. The long smooth fiber that is there at the top of the corn cannot be reached at without peeling the corn’s ears. Now do you see, the mystery begins right here, right from the beginning…it’s outer shell. The corncob is so different than the outer layer of the corn itself. There is a difference in the colour and matter both. The green leaves are like lotus petals and if only coloured in pink or white will look like a lotus. But the corncob is so different than any other fruits or veggies. It is not juicy or succulent, but has tiny yellow beads in them just like a building which is decorated with many 40 watt bulbs in it.

The mystery of corn is different than onion as it needs to be opened up one layer at a time. The onion opens up after one or two peels and you know the edible part is right there. You can see it; you can taste it and you can certainly feel it. But for the corn it doesn’t reveal itself in one or two layers. Firstly it is nicely packed in layers, so you have to open it one at a time. The final product is different than the outer cover in terms of colour and substance. These yellow tidbits have a soft, buttery, silky, smooth and shinny surface. It is a great contrast to the green, vibrant, fluorescent leaves that make the outer crust of the corn. It might give the notion that the cob is unbreakable but it is absolutely breakable. In fact I love to break it into two halves with my hands. It somehow, reminds me of sugarcanes, just the breaking part.

Sometimes we might know the ending to a mystery or might not know what is on the other side. But we are not concerned as we just want to be there and hope to find what we are hoping desperately to find. For me it is the case with corns, I know exactly what I’ll find (or maybe not…nicely arranged corns) but still I’m attracted to open it up and look for a different answer or the same answer. Sometimes the endings in any mystery is surprising and sometimes we get exactly what we had hoped for. No matter what we get; it is the curiosity in us that leads us to the path of discovering the reality in any hidden mystery.