Tattoo Not So Cool

“Do you see that?”


“What is it?”

“A big oven.”

“What do they cook over there?”


“What kind?”

“…mostly… bricks.”

“I’m Micky and you are….”

“…No. 7.”

Micky gave a puzzled look.

“Yah! That’s my name. See this,” said no.7 as he extended his right hand, “they tattooed it in my wrist.”

“That’s cool. My mom says I’m too young to get myself tattooed. You look my age. How did you convince your mom?”

“I didn’t. They just did it.”


“You ask too many question,” said no.7 and vanished like a smoke.

Micky screamed “Ghost! Ghost!” and ran like a weasel never to check this spot again.


Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford

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