Famous… me… why not? Who doesn’t want to be?

No…wait a minute, but thanks. I’m happy the way I’m. I might have changed a bit because of: situations, time and people. After all change is good, not always but you get use to it and you carry on. I have always believed that if you can’t change these three things (no point hitting your head against a wall) it is better to change yourself according to them. Changing for survival is needed, however you can’t let go your true identity or your true self.

I admire the famous celebrities. Each one different and they all deserve the fame. I’m sure they would have worked hard to achieve it and therefore should enjoy it. However I don’t want to be anyone.

I know I’m one of a kind and nobody exists like me, other than me of course. So why should I abandon the original me to be a copy of someone other than me. Famous or infamous why should I care?

You may not know me and I may not be world famous… yet. But I’m famous among my friends and a star celeb to my mom. It doesn’t really matter if I’m a celebrity or not, what matters to me is : who I’m and what I’m. And only by accepting and acknowledging this will I lead to my destiny.