Say Cheeeze….


Hi! You may ask what am I doing.

Of course, you cannot see me. So, let me tell you what I’m doing right now. I’m looking at a blank screen; but that is not all. I have a plate next to my laptop, which has a piece of cake in it.

Now, why am I sitting and what am I thinking? I’m certainly not thinking about what to write. Right now I’m just thinking about what to do with this tempting piece of food. All these thoughts are shouting at the back of my head “eat it, eat it, eat it”. It’s not just any cake; it’s my favourite blueberry cheese cake.

As I look at this piece of cake I revisit my childhood days. We always love chocolates, ice creams, cakes and pastries age is no bar to the liking of these things. I could eat anything but now my liking has bent towards cakes, and nothing pleases me more than having cheese cakes specially blueberry cheese cake.

Finally, I attack this piece of cake with my only weapon “the spoon”. As I relish each bite I realize that I’m not eating the cake but the cake is overpowering me by giving more than required taste at each bite. Oh! Please don’t focus on that; I know I’m not.

With every bite my taste buds are not disappointed rather it gives a new shade of taste to my taste buds.

I realize that having this piece of cake is like “living in the moment”. I’m not worried about how big the piece was a few minutes back. Nor, am I interested to know what will my plate look after sometime (I may finish or just spare the cake for a later moment but I’m not certain about that at the moment).

I wish to freeze this moment, right now right here. If this is possible then I would have enjoyed each moment and would have lived carefree.

With each bite that I take it becomes a past. I’m not worried about how much I have eaten (or the past moment) nor do I bother myself with how much is left (the future entanglements). I just savour each moment and I live in the present moment NOW.

I wonder, is it possible to live in the present moment-now at all. I did while eating this piece of cake.