Blogging a crystal globe

Blogging – my sweet home and its people my friends and family.

Blogging – my growing community of circle.

Blogging – an addiction that I find hard to resist.

Blogging – a habit that has helped me to grow everyday.

Blogging – a life support system introducing me to varied topics/people from all across the globe.

Blogging – something that I enjoy.

Blogging – my absence, leaves me guilty.

Blogging – my crystal globe.

Blogging – a kaleidoscope of different colours and patterns.

Sharing and Respecting

The statement – too much of everything is as bad as too little, has always confused me. I mean – too much is as bad a thing as too little- how can that be possible. More is good and less is bad, that makes sense. As a child (soon enough)I was intelligent enough to understand that if you have too much of sweets you are bound to have tooth decay. Thus proving that too much is bad for health or you.

My father was the sole earner of the family and my mother – a housewife. The money was sufficient enough for us but we could not spend it lavishly. My father being the eldest son had to support his mum and sisters by sending them some money home. I somehow felt the money that was brought home was little. I was constantly reminded not to spend foolishly as money doesn’t grow on trees. This proved… that too little was bad. But my mum was intelligent enough to make me understand that if you have little you’ll respect the things and not waste it. That’s true; if there is less automatically there will be no room for wastage.

Over the years it doesn’t matter if I have too much or too less of something. It is simple too much is to share and too little is to respect and value (it more). More means sharing and less means respecting thus completing the purpose of our existence as a human and contributing to the community as a whole.