Just because the stars are invisible during the day, doesn’t mean they’ll not shine in the night.

Just because the darkness devours your steps, doesn’t mean that you’ll not find your way out of it.

Just because the daylight is too strong, doesn’t mean that a shady cloud will not cross your path.

Just because the good things take time, doesn’t mean that they will never happen in life.

Just like the seeds that are planted in the soil, lay invisible for quite some time, but spring to life when the time is right.


For the daily prompt: Invisible


Blush away

It’s not only the humans that blush. When the sun kisses the night sky, it gently wears a colour bright — some-what, peachy-orange-red kinds. A thousand flowers bloom in the magic of the night and blush out their beauties in the day, as passers-by of all kinds look at them in awe and amazement. It’s not every day or rather every night that the moon touches the river, but on the nights when it does, the river only shines the beauty of the moon.

Inspired to write for the daily prompts: Blush


Incubating on ideas, inspirations and dreams is not enough. It is not a full proof plan as well. One needs to guard, keep a track and protect those by taking actions. Only birds can sit for long on their eggs to make them hatch, but we humans need to work harder than them by taking actions.

Wrinkle lines

Wrinkles are not lines. I feel that they are — our documented journeys that we have taken. They are the pathways that we have created. They are the regrets that still bother us.

Sometimes I entertain the idea of not having to create such lines for myself. Very difficult! Too hard, not to fall into the pits of worries, anger, disbelief, unhappiness, jealousy….

However, when I have stayed there too long, too many times, I crave the warmth of peace and happiness. It is during these moments then, that I try to live as consciously as possible. I try to be in the moment – be happy, as if it was my responsibility to be happy and not for the happiness to check if I was happy.


In the city, among the street lights of the busy streets, noise cannot be stopped. It becomes a part of you.

At home, the noise that had filled you outside slowly turns itself into silent walls. It takes you in its embrace as you fall your way to sleep. And then the noise stops… pauses for a while, until the next day begins again.

Month names

Oh boy! it was a challenge to remember all those names of months. I always used to forget them. And if I ever remembered them, there order was always incorrect.

But then my mother showed me a cool way to remember them. She showed me to count them on my knuckles (as in between them).

I thought it was a cool trick. Counting them on the vallies and hills of my knuckles not only helped me to remember the order but also the number of days they had (as in, if they had 30 or a 31 days) in them. Plus I could recite them any time. That was fun!

I couldn’t wait to share this with other kids at school, then.

Now, I can’t wait to share this with other younger children. It’s good to see that the trick fills them with the same wonderment as it had once filled me with smiling eyes.

Thanks Ma.

Was inspired to write for the daily prompt:  Mnemonic

In Carving

People who know me, know me so well. They know me how inclined I’m towards art and artistic endeavours.

I’m always fascinated by sculpting, pottery making, weaving etc. Once I was interested in fruit carving but that is not what I want to talk about. What really held my interest was soap carving.

The first step involved decision making on my part, if I was really interested in it or not. The answer was a — yes. ­­The second step involved teacher and so came the Youtube. The third step involved tools of the trade. The fourth step involved my budget. I wanted it more towards the inexpensive side because I wasn’t yet sure about the outcome of my art deal that I was about go for.

Then came the action time. And so, I bought some inexpensive soap bars. For tools or tool I caught hold of a pair of scissors.

I followed the steps from Youtube. After scooping, carving and polishing for hours and days I did manage to get something out of my soap bar.

Of course, what I had made was no match to what I had intended to make. But it was a fun effort. And in cheers of good spirit neither anyone was hurt nor was anything wasted… other than just a bit of soap from the bar. In the end, I did feel like an artist at work or a mini sculptor of a kind.  I enjoyed the process and had fun.


Written for daily prompt: Carve

How brilliant of me!

We each love to live in our own self-made bubble of securities and myths.

I’m no different. I too, have them and once in a while I do think, “How brilliant I am!” Not that there is anything wrong with such a thought process, except one should think twice.

On so-and-so bright summer day, I thought I could put my brilliant mind to work. I wanted to drink cold… chilled water. I wanted it quick. So instead of using a plastic bottle, I filled water in a glass bottle. Then I kept the bottle in the freezer.

Time passed by and I thought it was time for me to take a sip of that chilled water. I thought, “What a great pleasure it would be to drink chilled water while the sun was screaming outside.” To my surprise, the bottle was cracked, which ran right from the bottom to the center of it.

It was too late to undo the action. I realized that sometimes somethings are irreplaceable and irreparable. The lesson was learnt at the price of ignoring my common sense. Oh, and that was one of my favourite bottles. It had a bright yellow colour.

Drew inspiration from daily prompt: Brilliant

A January Treat

Since it is January and it is chilling cold a treat for me would be to tuck myself in the warmth of my bed. But that wouldn’t be all. I would have a nice small bowl of tomato soup, with some sprinkled pepper, to drink . And then, I would love to read a new book, that I had purchased a few days back, in the glowing light of my study lamp. Just before slipping off to sleep, I would write or draw using my new (bright blue and orange coloured) pens.

No ice-creams for the time being but cakes wouldn’t be that harmful I think. And since that’s a nice thought… maybe, I shall treat myself with a nice fruit cream cake tomorrow.

Written in response to daily prompt: Treat