What’s the hurry?

When I look at the colourful flowers, the green grass, the cheerful sun, the silent sky, the creamy moon and the shining stars;

I feel there is no rush.

But still the year comes to an end.

Even this year too, shall pass by.

And then I’m left thinking,

Time — where do you fly away?

What’s the hurry!

Where do you rush?


For the daily prompt: Rush

Day In and Day Out

There is no such thing as work life balance; however, you are free to believe according to your experiences and wishes.

I believe that there is only work… and… more work the moment we join hands with a company. There are three pillars that support our cause in working — our bosses, our colleagues/team and the management.

Life is simply marvelous when all these three pillars are functioning without any glitches. But that is either a myth or doesn’t last long enough.

However, the reality is that one gets churned in the office politics even if, one is not involved or doesn’t want to get involved in it. One gets a nice churn in the office mill when the work is really piling up.

But that’s life….

Where would the fun be?

Like some say: “At the end of the tunnel, there is always light.” We all know that no matter how or how much one is churned at the end of the process is the much awaited salary or money, which is the result of our churning day in and day out.

For daily prompt: Churn


The mask that you wore lured me into thinking that you were the one – the only one.

You gave me flowers, lots of them, but they also had thorns in them.

Had I been careful, as to not ignore the signs, I would have spared myself form being hurt.  But you knew that, right!

You knew well enough to earn my trust, enter my heart and stab me in the back just when I had asked you to watch it in the dark.

For the daily prompt: Betrayed

The choice is ours and Only Ours

At times I fumble upon people who do their best to make me realize that I’m inefficient. Or that I’m not enough. Or what I’m doing or do is not enough. They are everywhere – at home, office… outside. I get frustrated. It could be easier to shout at them, but I don’t. It could be their fault or it couldn’t, I pause and think, but we are all human beings molded by our own experiences. Sometimes they have reasons to be BLANK and sometimes they are just plain BLANK.

I feel it’s best to avoid such people, as much as possible, and as far as possible. I don’t care what they think of me — rude or whatever. Earlier I used to, but now I don’t. Such people are toxic. They have a way of injecting you with their negativity and killing every ounce of positivity that you own. They may or may not do this deliberately but sadly they don’t want to change or be changed either.

On the flip side of this equation, though, I get it — that, no one can let you down, unless you let yourself down first.

When we focus and prioritize what we want in our lives, we become efficient. When we talk positive to ourselves over the negative of what others say or think of us, we become efficient. When we live our lives working on ourselves, we become efficient. When we help others who need our help, we become efficient.

We are who and what, we chose to be. We are as efficient as we think and want to be… and — we become.

Inspired by the daily prompt: Inefficient


Walking I fell but then I rose because I had to, there was no other way. I couldn’t manage to sit and lay in the dust and dirt.

Life is sometimes a hard game to play.

When life becomes difficult, it becomes difficult to swallow my own breath. The fresh air then chokes me. I try to gulp it in inches. It escapes me. It plays hide and seek with me.

I try to breathe, because I have to breathe. Because that’s life and it goes on till it has to.

For daily prompt:  Swallow