A cat, a bowl of soup and a beach towel

The sun’s light hits the veranda and through the windows enters the living area. There it sits for some time as the apples in the basket on the tables reflect the golden light. The room that gets bathed in pure sunlight during the day time takes a soft gleam at this hour. The television set would bounce back the harsh sunlight but right now it seems to be enjoying it. The other objects in the room like the sofa set (which is in the centre of the room), the centre table (which is placed right in front of the sofa), a book rack (which has at least twenty books in it), a corner table (which is triangle in shape and is placed right behind the door), a magazine (which is lying on the chair next to another table which is as high as a dining table but as small as the corner table; on this table is a basket of red and green apples) and a pair of glasses on top of the television set. They all take a soft outline as the sun is setting outside.

Looking for my glasses I reach towards the window and see the beautiful sun set. It is so peaceful except for the melody being played from one of the songs from the beach boys and the waves on the shore. The song from the beach boys echoes in the entire house and I want to dance. I see a car coming towards the house and move out. The rocking chair is swaying gently with the breeze, so it seems, but as I approach near I see my cat rocking on it. Kitty (the sweet, white and beautiful cat) jumps out of the chair as it sees me. I pick her up and sit on the chair. Nicely swaying and rocking on it I now see the car has stopped at my neighbor’s house. I see some children playing in the beach. A family is walking away from the beach. The mother is carrying a basket in her hand and the father has the daughter on his shoulders. The boy with one hand holds his mother’s hand and in the other hand is a beach towel. It seems he doesn’t want to come away from the beach because he is dragging the blue and white stripped beach towel.

The song has stopped playing and so I get up from my chair, start walking inside and it is now that I smell my chicken soup. I had completely forgotten about this and so I run hastily towards the kitchen. I grab a kitchen towel take off the lid; stir the chicken soup with a ladle. It looks delicious and smells aromatic due to the added herbs and spices. Tempted by it I rush to take a bowl and pour it gently in it. With the soup bowl in my hand and a spoon in it I walk towards the sofa; I sit on it and switch on the T.V. I start slurping the hot chicken soup as I watch T.V.