Movie and my part

Here is a list of my favourite movies: The sound of music, My fair lady, Singing in the rain, Matrix, Inception, The Shawshank Redemption, The notebook, Titanic and then I like all Disney movies but my all time favourite is Bambi and The lion king.

Yes, I’m just like you – I love watching movies. I haven’t thought about acting for a long time though (as a child I often thought of becoming an actor). Although, I would love to say that I do posses a little bit of talent like any other average person but acting…now…let me think.

Today seems to be the day as WordPress has given us the opportunity to show our acting skills and I’m waiting to showcase my talent in the movie.

A great movie is a combination of great actors, moving story line, some realistic characters and of course there is massive art of direction and a lot more other things. Me and acting…think about it after watching our dear friend Phoebe from Friends in this episode…I would do the same thing…even worse…and the movie will never hit the theaters or if it did I’m sure I was not there. Here is the video clip. Laugh and Smile!

The Law of Karma

Newton’s third law of motion which is very common, states: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It is proven and I’m not going to talk about it.

Instead, I’m going to talk about “The law of karma” which states (according to what I’ve googled and understood):

1) Good karma will produce good results and bad karma…bad results.

2) Every action is balanced with same consequence either in this life or future.

3) Your future life is depended on the quality and quantity of karma or deeds done in this life. Based on these deeds, I will get a body which could be of an animal or a human being.

Simply stated if someone is able to prove the existence of “the law of karma” then I would be extra careful in whatever I do and say. I’ll also be watching who the receiver is (a thing or a person) because someone would be watching me (ALL THE TIME and scoring me on my deeds).

These are the things I would be careful while doing:

1) While reading like most of the people I have the habit to fold the corner of the pages. I think I’ll have to stop doing that. What if the book becomes big and twists my ears for a change.

2) I love to keep plants, but I occasionally water them. I’m sure you would understand busy schedule and how everything else is important except for this. But if the law of karma comes into existence I’m sure my plants would demand for an explanation. And who knows they’ll deprive me of water.

3) When I’m angry I start throwing things (yes, things that are not very expensive of course). I can’t imagine to think what if these things come to take their revenge on me (bouncing me like a ball).

4) I always give alms to the beggars, but there are days when I’m getting late and I don’t bother myself to wait and open my wallet to give them money. Well, what can you do about the situation but what if tomorrow may be in this life or in some other life they have greater power and money than me. They’ll simply say, “You were busy then, I’m busy now.”

5) There are some lazy relaxing days when I just throw my things here and there and not keep them at their place. While I’m relaxing I’m not sure if these objects will be confused with their temporary arrangements. I guess I would be confused with my temporary house if someone will say the magic word “KARMA”.

6) I can’t imagine if the lights in my house fit the law of karma do you know what they’ll do. Well, they’ll deprive me of my wonderful beauty sleep, because sometimes I leave the lights on for the entire night and deprive them of their beauty bright sleep.

7) When I see a lizard, my first reaction is to shout. Then my only motive is to get rid of it ( by throwing things like piece of paper then rolls of it, if it’s still there very courageously I go near it and thump my feet as to make a loud noise). Did I just forget that it is a stranger in my house and I should welcome it rather than scaring it? Any ways if the law of karma works; and if I visit someone, and get the same crazy treatment I would think that person is insane.

8) What about the vegetables that I cook and eat; I don’t want to land up at a place where vegetables have a party and I’m a vegetable.

9) Dusting away the dirt and dust from the household objects is not my favourite chore but I’ll be as careful as to not to disturb the dust particles from the surface. Could be possible if I end up as a dust particle, even I would want to sit at one place and have more company so that we could cover and hide the object itself.

10) My garden sometimes gives me lovely flowers. I think I own them, so I just pluck them and put it in a vase or a glass to decorate my room. But then, I have killed it, and separated it from its roots, I would not want the same treatment.

If the law of karma exists I would have to be so careful that I’ll have to hire someone to watch me. And  I would also have to treat that person fairly.

Steps towards happiness


Have you ever seen one of those glowy smiley balls? They look so cheerful, don’t they? I wish I could be like one of those smiley balls. But I guess being human has some limitations (but, I don’t care I can cope up with those).

So, what makes me happy?

I mostly stay positive all the time and so I stay happy most of the times…or may be NOT.

So, what do I do to stay happy?

Read self help books, practice meditation, dance, and write (Oh! Please give me a break, I don’t do any of these things). Wouldn’t you agree with me, in a state of depression no one wants to go through these things. It’s kind of over burdening.


This is what I do when my head is swirling with negative thoughts and I no longer have a smiley on my face. I follow the following steps towards happiness:

The first step is to take giant steps towards kitchen.

Then open the door of the fridge.

Gently scan through all the things stored in there.

I simply hunt for a candy bar (snickers or mars) or may be ice-cream. Well! At this point you can hunt for anything of your choice. I would suggest that you could go in for something non veg, also ( totally up to you).

At this time I look at my prey.

On my way back to the room, I start tearing its cover.

The action of tearing the cover of the bar and me reaching to my favourite chair is finished at the same time.

I sit victoriously in the chair with the prey in one hand while the other hand becomes audience to its actions.

Now comes my favourite part as I start eating the bar with all the enjoyment (as if there is nothing to worry about). I’m not concerned about gaining weight at this time as my major focus is something else.

Here’s what I get towards the end of all these steps  a “Smile” which I guess is a sign of happiness.