All smiles

To me, Flowers = Smile. 

No matter what the day is throwing at me or how the sun is shining, a flower of any kind or anywhere effortlessly helps me to wear a smile. Once I start smiling, the feeble smile cushions me with some sort of strength and calmness instantly.


Whenever I see a flower, I smile at them knowing that they too, are smiling at me.



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Being spared

It was a hot dry day. I was in a car and stopped at this wonderful sight of yellow flowers that had lighted this small stretch of road.

I didn’t mind the heat as I stepped out of my car. I was quickly dissolved at the brightness of these flowers. As I saw the children of nature playing with the gentle breeze I smiled, and I think, they too, smiled at me. I took out my mobile camera and walked to get the angles right. I realized that before capturing it in my mobile I should capture it in my memory first. So, I walked for a few minutes or so.



It was a miracle. Why so…because, it seemed they knew of my coming….All the flowers were fresh and there were only a few petals scattered on the ground. I took a deep breath and filled myself with the essence of its freshness. I enjoyed the sunlight as it played hide and seek in between the spaces created by the yellows and greens. I peeped out of those spaces and the palette of the artist looked fun and playful with azure blue, lemon yellow and forest green scattered in a limited place.



I was lucky to have spared some time because I knew that the next time when ( or if) I’ll visit this place, it would be different as the nature is a submitting canvas in the hands of the creator who changes and colours the landscape with different hues every single minute.

But in reality, it was this moment that had lured me to witness and be a part of this miracle, and had spared me to be in that moment to marvel this beautiful sight.

























Springing colours

The winter is over but only for this season.


…some white flowers like snow dots

With the on set of another season, I find colours of different shades that have filled my garden very quietly.


…a sunny flower attracting some hard working bees

The trees standing on the roadside and the shrubs have also spoken colours.


bright bougainvillea

Walking along the sidewalks, I notice a flower that is one of my favourites. Its tree – a gentle frame of branches and twigs, holds itself upright with green leaves clinging to itself. And finally during this time of the year it springs to life with some bright red flowers. The flowers are as big as my mobile phone. During the Indian festival of Holi they were used to make natural colours. Today, they are used as natural colouring agent to dye the clothes. Why not? Sometimes and most of the times, when I see this flower at this time of the year – which also promises of spring – I drastically stop myself from picking it up and rubbing it in my palms like a carefree child.


palash flower, the scientific name – Butea monosperma

Very soon these flowers would have decayed. One will look for shadier grounds as the gentle spring would dance and take a fierce form of summer.


a palash tree, at its full bloom



Birthday’s and other occasions are good enough to treat oneself with some yummy confectioneries. Here’s one that I had last year for my birthday.


Why limit oneself with only sweets and chocolates when there are some natural treats too, that one can feast on? It is a real treat to go pick fruits and eat from one’s garden. I was home last month and I did, just that.

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When nature’s supermarket is up for sale, it’s a treat for these someone too. Why should we only enjoy the produce?

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A job well done

‘Vacation’ is fun time for children but I’m scarred for my life and my children’s lives. I can’t complain because you are my master’s son and I’m just a pumpkin climber growing on the rooftop.

I like watching you’ll…running, screaming, fighting, playing, jumping…what scares me is when you’ll come close to the rooftop and start plucking my leaves – it hurts.

“Let’s play hide and seek,” everyone decides and while your cousin is counting everyone starts looking for their hide outs.

Why are you hiding in this corner? It’s not safe! Can’t you see the boundary wall is broken and you might fall? I speak loudly but I realize that you don’t understand plant language.

“This time you will not be able to catch me,” says the kid when he sees his cousin coming towards the broken wall.

“Alright kid watch your steps. You are really scaring me.” But my voice goes unheard and I see him slip from the edge of the terrace. He instantly grabs me and starts shouting with all his energy. Oh! God my leaves turned deaf that day but his life was at stake and I can’t blame him.

Hold on kid! Hold tight and scream… scream loudly. Where are the elders? Why aren’t they coming? Come on kid shout loudly I can’t support for long my vines are snapping away from the wall. Please, someone come…come fast…save the kid.

There they all come. Kid’s mother is in shock so an aunt comes to grab the kid. She asks the kid to give his right hand first and gently grabs the other hand as well. She tries to pull the kid up while another aunt tries to grab the kid’s body.

A lot of kisses and hugs follows after the kid reaches a safe spot. A slight concerned yelling is also showcased by his mother.The kid still in fear wraps himself around his mother.

Apart from losing a few leaves and my beautiful yellow flowers I’m glad that I saved the kid’s life. “A job well done,” I said to myself.

Smiling with the Smell

I smell nature

in fresh green grass

I smell innocence

in a hot cup of chocolate

I smell strength

in the pages of new books and covers

I smell freedom

in the vastness of sea

I smell relief

in the first shower of monsoon rains

I smell my hunger

in the freshly baked carrot cake

I smell love

in lavender, jasmine and roses

I smell my addiction

in a bottle of all ground spices and herbs

I smell laziness

in the dark blue night sky

I smell a child

in you

Come, stand with me

At the door I stand with a cup of tea and watch out off the window. This is my favourite pastime. This is my favourite moment of the day. I feel like a Juliet except for my Romeo is at home and I know no one is standing down for me. I normally stand in the morning or in the evenings with a cup of tea or coffee in my hand.

This is what waits me, a park filled with green grass. I can see colours of pink, white, read and orange on the plants. There is a tree which has dark green leaves. This tree stands still at the right hand corner of my sight. The tree has blossomed deep bloody red flowers. The park is bordered with flowering plants. Some are small and some have grown tall. It’s like the gardener has played fill in the blanks in the park, wherever there are no plants, there is grass. The grass is properly trimmed. The park is well maintained by the society gardener.


A view from where I stand.

Everyday at 9o’clock I see him attending the park. He would mow the grass, sometimes he would dig the soil, the other days he would water the plants, some days he would plant the seeds.

During winter days I see kids playing in the park. They would play with a softball or badminton. Some small toddlers with their grandparents or governesses would run, play, fall, tumble on the ground- in short they will do all sorts of things that will dirty their clothes. They only come out during the winter days. The sun would be too harsh on them during the summer days so they will not come out in the evenings as well. I enjoy all this as I stand by the window.

The seasons change and the view changes along with it. During the harsh summers the gardener will look after the park and will leave by 1o’clock. I guess so, because I don’t see him after that. During these summer days the plants are vibrant green in colour, there isn’t much variety to see. The autumn will not add to the beauty of the park as the plants will shed away its leaves and the gardener will rake them away. With the spring in action the gardener will try to add colour by planting different varieties of flowering plants. This colourful picture stays till winter.

I know that I might not see the children play in the park but I know I would see the beautiful flowers and green grass any time of the day or anytime of the year. I’m able to enjoy this because of the gardener. Had it not been for him, I would have seen grass growing as tall as the softballs or even bigger than that. No children would ever play as they would see their balls disappearing in the grass. The toddlers would not play and chuckle around, as the parents would fear something dangerous might come out of the soil.

Flowers in full bloom

Flowers in full bloom