Chosen for two awards


Let me start, by apologising for the delay in the post. Well, you could think that the Christmas preparations would have kept me busy, that is a valid reason. However, I would like to add another reason for lagging behind. I’m a little new to blogging and after reading through the posts of other nominees, fellow bloggers and of course after doing a little research on Google I found that being nominated here means you are awarded. So, I got the notification and was happy but I shouted “YIPPEE!”, only after reading this somewhere “If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded too”.

There couldn’t have been a better way of getting a better gift for Christmas than getting nominated/awarded by my fellow blogger for two awards. I’ll like to thank Sheen Meem who nominated me for  “The Versatile Blogger Award” and  “The Dragon’s Loyalty Award” . I’d also like to thank her for finding time to read my blog and showing her love for my work in such a humble and generous way. The link to her blog is: I found her through Daily Prompts and like to read her blog.


I found out that the rules for both the awards are the same. They are as follows:

Display the  Award Certificate on your website.

Announce your win with a written post and link to whoever presented your award.

Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers.

Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have liked them in the post.

Post 7 interesting things about yourself.

There is no greater joy than sharing, so I would like to pass on the awards and nominate these bloggers.

Kirstan @

Dennis @

bubblewrappedkitty  @

Paul @

Mandy @

April @

S. Thomas Summers @

I’ve always enjoyed the posts of these bloggers. The writing styles of each one varies and is engaging. I hope you also enjoy!

Now here I go with 7 facts about me:

I prefer tea to coffee and can have tea any number of times in a day.

I’m addicted to reading and a daily dose of half an hour is compulsory.

I love pets but I don’t have any.

When upset,sad or depressed I like to cook.

I don’t like wasting food.

I respect all humans and things alike.

I like winters than summers.

Again a big thanks to Sheen and congrats to those who are nominated.

Food for my mind and soul

Food for my mind and soul.

Most of the times I have my timely meals in a day, and I wonder why do I have it?

Well! The simple answer will be to keep myself alive. But then I thought it’s not only that; it’s also to taste different things. Being a toddler the first thing we do is to see and listen and finally taste. I would say that a toddler starts tasting everything from edible to non edible items. Then slowly we start eating.

I have realized that the way eating keeps me alive, the same way reading keeps my mind alive.

When we go to kindergarten we get the taste of letters. Then as we grow old enough to read, we start tasting the edible and non edible items related to reading materials. Sometimes they would be funny cartoons and we just like the bright colours or sometimes it could be a story with a moral.

The whole idea is to keep on reading and eating all the knowledge that we gather throughout the course of our life. Unlike a healthy diet that we follow to keep or body fit we should read healthy to keep our mind healthy. We should try each and every cuisine but abstain ourselves from junk food. Or should I say too much of anything could be bad.

I could say that the pleasures of reading books are divine. I know I’m not being judged, but on the other hand I can judge a book or the cover of the book. I can say that I trust someone- and that someone can be a book. It will not leave me anywhere, as it sits quietly in my bag. I always keep a book in my bag. Whenever I’m lonely, alone or idle I simply take my book out of the bag and start reading. It is almost like a jinni getting out of the lamp. Books don’t cancel on you or judge you neither do they abandon you. They are just there.

They sit quietly at your shelves, waiting for their turn to be held by you and read by you. I like to read and nothing makes me feel better than that (of course something that makes my tummy feel better is chicken curry prepared by my mother). Therefore not a day goes by without reading, and so I can say that it is a food for my mind and soul.