Edible treat

I loved my auntโ€™s place. She had a big house and loved to keep decorative items.
Whenever I went to her place, she would feed me with all new and different types of cookies and chocolates.

One day, I had returned from school and saw vibrant fruits โ€” an apple, banana and 3 oranges โ€” kept on a plate on the center table. Something made them look very attractive. Without much thinking I grabbed one to eat, but it was hard and cold.

I realized that except for its appearance nothing was quite edible of it. They were masterfully sculpted and painted in clay. My aunt had got it from somewhere as a keepsake for us. Though, they could not be savored but there bright and almost real look served as a treat to my eyes and also became a means to fool my friends and any relatives when they visited us.




Birthday’s and other occasions are good enough to treat oneself with some yummy confectioneries. Here’s one that I had last year for my birthday.


Why limit oneself with only sweets and chocolates when there are some natural treats too, that one can feast on? It is a real treat to go pick fruits and eat from one’s garden. I was home last month and I did, just that.

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When nature’s supermarket is up for sale, it’s a treat for these someone too. Why should we only enjoy the produce?

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Rule of three

Rule of three or bokeh – I’m confused. To be honest with you guys as I’m still learning the tricks of the trade. I hope you won’t look at the photos with critical eyes. So, here is what I want to share for this week’s challenge. I hope you enjoy.

I simply understand “rule of three” as subject not being at the center. Bokeh effect just needs time, tricks and lots of practice and of course good lense. I’ve managed to shoot these with my Nikkon point and shoot camera. So, what do you say guys. ๐Ÿ™‚

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