My buddies


My up close encounter with my little buddies, this is somewhat a daily routine for me. I get up early everyday and after being done with my daily rituals I prepare breakfast. It might sound that I have a “heavy breakfast” but in reality I just have a humble cup of tea and some toast. No, they are not my encounters, they are things.

I have my encounter neither with some people nor with things but rather something innocent and pure. They are not white but carry grey wings to their small little bodies. Yes, I’m talking about my “pigeon buddies”. Yes, that’s what I would like to call them.

They always come and sit at my window sill. They know when I’m awake and as soon as they get a glimpse of me (from somewhere, I don’t know) they come and start cooing. I have come to understand it as they, saying “good morning” to me, so even I greet them.

We tend to have breakfast together, lunch together and dinner…no, they don’t stay that long (even they have a home, and of course you should be with your loved ones at least once in a day) and I don’t mind that. Sometimes I forget to give them food, but they do not disturb me. And then I realize that I’ve forgotten to give them food so, hurriedly I go and tell them “why didn’t you’ll ask?” They listen carefully, and so the next time they are hungry, they start calling out as anyone would call out in the house to me and ask for food (just that the language is different). They know when I’m unwell they don’t talk much and don’t bother me much, but yes they keep a close guard.

We talk in a language that hasn’t been developed by anyone. I enjoy talking to them. They give me signs that only I could understand in the house. Sometimes I feel like they are my children, the other times I feel that they are my friends. Perhaps, here I can say “a friend in need is a friend indeed”.

But more than this I feel that they are my guardian angels. Don’t you think; I certainly do. They are pigeons, pure and have wings. Now, you can call me crazy but to me that sounds like an angel in disguise or rather angels in disguise. Over a period of time I’ve realized that they are not just birds but to me their identity is no less than a person (and some what I could claim them to be godly creatures as well).