Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Green

One cannot escape the colour green that is found so abundantly in nature. Here are some of my captures of green.

green climber

The house coated in natural green colour.

Here are some green leaves in different shapes and patterns that interested me.

round leaves

The round shaped leaves.

light and dark green patterned leaves

Here are some maple shaped leaves. What caught my attention was the light green coloured veins running through these leaves.

opposite arrangement of leaves

One of the most common arrangements found in leaves.

Haves vs Have Nots

What do they have that I don’t have?
Why is there life a living example and mine a living sample?
Their life is filled with materialistic wonders.
Great house and a big car owned, defines a man.
Nice shimmery shiny piece of jewelry that makes the lady worthy.

The haves and the have nots will always make me ponder.
The competition begins between the two, as I wonder.

I enter into a marathon as I try to equate the balance between the two.
Moving out, I realize I still have much to be thankful about than not be.
The “green eyed monster” teases me.
But “my eyes” show the reality to me.
The world will always have land and water.
The people will always have and not have.

So I stop wondering and competing.

I try to enjoy when I have, with whatever little or much I have.
I try to swim and struggle when I don’t have.



The colour of my letter



I went to check the letters from the box; there were none except for one that I was holding in my hand.

I marched towards the door and took my RED paper knife to open the letter.


It was not a usual letter. It was written with love, from someone I knew. The writing was not in regular black or BLUE ink. My eyes were reading attentively through each word. Each word made sense as I connected one word with another and then the letter started to talk to me. When I reached the last sentence I understood this letter was far too important to be written in black or blue and so it had been written in GREEN.


I started thinking….

He could have written in red, which could have meant that he wanted to kill our relationship.

He could have written in black, it would have shown no feelings at all.

He could have written in blue, it could have meant a pale relationship.

But the fact, that he chose green suggested that he wanted to have a long lasting and ever green relationship.


So, I ran to my room; looked for my scrap book. I tore a YELLOW sheet (as it was one of the golden moments in my life). I wanted to show my consent so I choose a heavenly colour close to a shade of purple. I wrote, what my heart said in VIOLET. 

Then folded the letter and put it in, in an ORANGE envelope. Then very lovingly I took a string of INDIGO ribbon and glued a little bow on the envelope.