Magic in Harmony

My interpretation of magic in the form of art.


Please do spare my childlike spirit of art. But these days I’m very much in the zone of painting.

With the word magic I could think of only this, where the green represents the earth and blue the sky or space. With the tiny specks of blue in one and chunks of greens in the other it represents harmony to me; and, hence magic in harmony.

Harmony prevailed until…

The incident of Daniel Pearl had terrified me completely. It was the topic of talk when I was in school. Although, I had not seen the video but had heard people talking of this incident. It was in the news but I was kept from listening to it (for reasons my parents didn’t want to share). I was too young to weave the political or economic intricacies of the horrific incident. I had no clear thoughts on the matter because firstly I was unaware of the situation and secondly I was completely engrossed in my studies.

Today, the incident of James Foley has again shaken the world. Today, I can understand the political and economic details of the situation but I can’t understand the human aspect of it. I tried hard to find answers not only regarding this matter but also what has been happening in general all around the world. So much of political and social unrest, economic downfall…In my quest to finding the answers I found myself entangled in questions.

Why do we hate? Since when did hate become more important than any other thing? Do the emotions of love, kindness or compassion still exist? Is it wise to blindly follow-other people, your mind or your heart? Are we humans or beings that have become so incapable of feelings? Where are we heading to? Since when did cruelty substitute kindness? Some might think or say, “why should it bother me,” but why not? Is, another not a human being?

Earth was a beautiful place or is a beautiful place, too difficult for me to understand right now. With so much happening we can only say, “Earth was a beautiful place and there once lived human beings. There once existed love among all beings and harmony prevailed in the universe until….”