Dreaming Chariots

Dreams are the most expensive chariots that a human mind can invent and afford. So sometimes in the night, I board my chariot to fly to an invisible distant land.

Dreams come to me as I sleep. But sometimes a tired body and mind cannot make dreams…so I sleep. However, sometimes they are so active at work that I’m misguided to believe if I’m really awake or sleep. But I know I could be sleeping here and may be awake somewhere else. Maybe that’s why I feel the shoes that I’m wearing are so heavy when wet as I fell in the puddle of water and the mango tasted so sweet. What about the streets they look deserted and it’s night, it could be the real word as well after all I just read a billboard. I was so certain because I certainly remember the letter”h” from my dream…and the letter “d”. I remember reading the word but what could be the word with a h and a d…no point wracking my brains.

I bet the mangoes were sweet. And what about the colour I could not be mistaken about that had it been a dream it could be read or orange or blue, why yellow. Waking up I swirl my tongue to get the taste…but of course it was a dream. My interpretation would be: waiting for some results or simply wanting to eat mangoes.

Sometimes I’m running down the hill, and all of a sudden I just fall tumbling like the Jill from nursery rhymes – Jill…tumbling down the hill. With a pounding heart I wake up to catch a breath. To me it sounds like I’m running away from a situation and I should make a decision about it or I just need to exercise…maybe I ate too much at the party.

Sometimes people of great importance from the past just come flying in my dreams. It is so hard to tell that they will be gone as soon as I open my eyes. I dream about them when I simply miss them and need their presence in my life.

The other times I dream of shopping, fighting with my sister, or shouting for no reason and sometimes I’m sleeping in my dreams, sometimes visiting my old house. I know they don’t mean anything and are just my heart’s desires or wants.

Dreams can mean a lot sometimes and sometimes they are just fragments of past memories or present situations or a dream for a better future. Dreams can be an escape from the present world to an unknown world. Therefore, I would like to believe that: “dreams are my chariots that take me to a new or a different world that is filled with adventure, mystery, sometimes misery and sometimes a pure bliss to discover. How can I miss a free ride to such a world? So I dream when I have the time and sometimes I take a break.”

But if you don’t dream then…don’t worry. This is also good. I sometimes give my mind a break and then I don’t dream at night the only difference is “I am day-dreaming”.