A job well done

‘Vacation’ is fun time for children but I’m scarred for my life and my children’s lives. I can’t complain because you are my master’s son and I’m just a pumpkin climber growing on the rooftop.

I like watching you’ll…running, screaming, fighting, playing, jumping…what scares me is when you’ll come close to the rooftop and start plucking my leaves – it hurts.

“Let’s play hide and seek,” everyone decides and while your cousin is counting everyone starts looking for their hide outs.

Why are you hiding in this corner? It’s not safe! Can’t you see the boundary wall is broken and you might fall? I speak loudly but I realize that you don’t understand plant language.

“This time you will not be able to catch me,” says the kid when he sees his cousin coming towards the broken wall.

“Alright kid watch your steps. You are really scaring me.” But my voice goes unheard and I see him slip from the edge of the terrace. He instantly grabs me and starts shouting with all his energy. Oh! God my leaves turned deaf that day but his life was at stake and I can’t blame him.

Hold on kid! Hold tight and scream… scream loudly. Where are the elders? Why aren’t they coming? Come on kid shout loudly I can’t support for long my vines are snapping away from the wall. Please, someone come…come fast…save the kid.

There they all come. Kid’s mother is in shock so an aunt comes to grab the kid. She asks the kid to give his right hand first and gently grabs the other hand as well. She tries to pull the kid up while another aunt tries to grab the kid’s body.

A lot of kisses and hugs follows after the kid reaches a safe spot. A slight concerned yelling is also showcased by his mother.The kid still in fear wraps himself around his mother.

Apart from losing a few leaves and my beautiful yellow flowers I’m glad that I saved the kid’s life. “A job well done,” I said to myself.



dustingShe called and said, “Enough, mom I can’t take it anymore. I can’t stay with him anymore.”

She kept the phone. Dragged herself to the kitchen, with heavy eyes started to drink some water.

She slowly moved to the sitting area with a cloth duster in her hand.
She was dusting away the dust from the surface of the things- big and small, expensive and cheap. She was dusting away the experiences of her life- happy and sad, painful and cheerful.

The husband was back. The house looked perfect. She did a wonderful job. The objects were shining as the surface looked clean. She seemed normal as she had dusted away all the feelings of pain, anger and unhappiness.

In a while, everything will catch dust and the cleaning will have to be done…again.

A Job

I do. I do, love you, my job.

It was eight years back that I found you. I would have been lost in the gallery of life, had passion not driven me to you. Now you would be wondering as to what do I do.
I train people on communication skills, customer service and other aspects of soft skills. Long time back when I had joined a company, I met my trainer. She was full of energy and I wanted to be like her.

I started paving my path towards my goal as a trainer. I loved every aspect of training, right from the research work…to building games, involving participants, reading…giving feedback…receiving appreciation from clients and participants…working long hours…staying up the entire night preparing reports, going for meetings, preparing presentations.

Every day I got up with a smile to meet my batch. With every batch I learnt new things and shared my knowledge with them.

This could very well be my present day, very busy, but it is not. For the past three years I have been working on project basis because of my health. Mostly it is due to migraine, which could be due to stress, bad weather, too much of coffee or the lights from the projector sometimes even scent of a bouquet will be sufficient enough to trigger the pain.
What happens after this? I become an observer captured in my own body. It seems that the pain takes the driver’s seat and I’m sitting at the back. Thanks to my doctor and thanks to my candy headache tablets (yes that’s what I call them) I can pop it in anytime and it eases my pain.

Present Day- I still love my job. My relationship with my job is based on passion and dedication and I’m not going to leave it. Working on a part time basis perfectly suits me well.

Now I can invest my time in other activities also which gives me pleasure. Like reading, writing, meditating, cooking, listening to songs, paintings, craft work and gardening. Yes, these activities are for pleasure’s sake only and no money is involved in performing or showcasing them.


Don’t let it affect you


Yes, that’s right “don’t let it affect you”. This is a new mantra that I fumbled upon recently. I keep on reciting and repeating this until my mind is at ease.

When I was young; I was naive and new to learning many things. At home and office no matter what or how I worked I ended up getting long lectures from my mom at home and from boss at office. And then, just like everyone I used to throw questions at myself. The normal regular questions like: “Why me?” “Why did this happen to me?” “What did I do wrong, what is my fault?”

Of course! This used to be tiring and at times proved depressing. When in a state of depression not only your mind but your body also shows signs of how hard you are taking things. Your mind is easily penetrable through small and big instances (you can’t even take a joke for a joke). Your body becomes lazy and lethargic.

I’m a different person now and I’m armed with the mantra “don’t let it affect you”. Earlier I used to be easily affected by small and big situations like: when I didn’t get through to the college of my choice, when I didn’t get an apartment of my choice, when somebody else in the family or neighborhood proved to be a success story that I was not even close to. Oh! The classic one, when my best friend or even a possible acquaintance got married before me. The interrogation process began without any delays.

Then it just occurred to me that why am I bringing pain upon myself. Then I started rectifying questions; instead of “why me?” I asked, “Why not me?” Instead of asking “Why did this happen to me?” I asked “Why did this happen for me?” I believe in nipping the problem at its root and by using these two questions I was doing just that. When things didn’t happen as expected I started asking these two questions and other why questions didn’t bother me much.

Hours of moaning were now lost in contemplating as I posed these two questions in front of me. I analyzed the situation with a bigger picture in view. I looked at the smaller picture but it didn’t trouble me because I was looking at the bigger picture. I was looking and thinking about other options.

When I lost my job due to recession, I didn’t know what to do. Then asking the rectified question I thought what else can I do. I started freelancing and then I looked for more options. It was only at that time that I realized that I could express myself in words among many other things that I do.

It so happens that in order to reach at the bigger picture or have other options you need a clear head. It turns out that the two most important parts of our body i.e. head and heart are always at a tussle. During the interrogation process (asking the why questions) the head is the ruler, however, during the contemplating process (asking the rectified questions) the heart becomes the ruler.

The head plays sly games by presenting logic to us and it becomes difficult to rescue the heart. The reasoning’s of the head doesn’t let your heart to express itself. What we need to do is look at logic but believe in whatever the heart says. So, if the heart says “let it be” then be it so. You’ll be able to think only when the head rests and makes itself clear of the foggy thoughts. During a foggy day it’s best not to drive. Similarly let the foggy thoughts settle down because as soon as it does, you’ll be able to look at the road ahead of you. Clear road and safe driving is only possible when the fog has settled.



When I first saw this guy ( not the one above) at office I just thought, “Who is he?” Then sometime later we were introduced, and I got to know that he had joined our team as a Training Manager. After few months we became good collogues.

Very soon my collogue had a very tired look on his face. From talking to him I gathered that he was working three jobs for one. As a training manager he was required to train and delegate the other trainers other than that he was also required to go in for sales meetings and then design and develop the contents.

ross frut

I asked him, “Then why don’t you look for something else?”

To this he simply answered,” I have been looking for something for the past one year. This is still better than my previous job and they are paying me more.”

Then why are you sad,” I asked.

I’m not sad I’m just a bit tired because my “to do list” doesn’t decrease by the end of the day it just increases,” he said.

After few weeks I ran into him. He looked happier.

“What’s the matter you look happier than earlier, have they increased your pay or given you an assistant?” I inquired.

He just smiled and said, “No I’ve got used to it now. I’m multi-tasking like all.”

I guess he was right. We all are multi-tasking these days whether given a choice or not.


Whenever I seen him now the image of “SUPERMAN” pops into my head. I just hope that I don’t start singing- Superman, superman, superman. (As far as it is in my head I’m ok with it but not out loud).

As a child, superman was always my favourite action hero. Apart from the catchy jingle I was attracted to the strong jaw line and powerful muscles of the SUPERMAN.

Now I’ve understood that you don’t need a catchy jingle or a good physique or even his body clinging dress with “S” written on it to be a superman. (You would be happy to know that these days he has changed his looks from average looking to charismatic. He doesn’t need his blue and red dress with “S” inscribed on it. He could appear in a formal suit or pair blue jeans with a T-shirt of his choice. You would be happy to know that he has changed his gender too it is no longer he it could be a she as well. The reason why I say so is because everyone (men or women) is multi-tasking these days and therefore to me seems to be “my action hero-SUPERMAN”. Whether at home or work everyone is multi tasking. You are not given an option to choose from you just have to do it.

In this fast forwarded life of ours, if it’s not the will and strong determination of a superman that keeps us going, then who or what is it? Unlike the superman we are also ready to protect our family (both at work and home), build our houses and company and keep the bad guys at bay (in office and at home).

Therefore, I salute the SUPERMAN in each and every person of this generation .