Thank you for the liebster award


This post was long due and I’m sorry to have posted so late Millie.

Blogging can be a lot of things to a lot of people. We mostly blog to express ourselves or tell our stories and some even love to build a strong community around this space. Millie is a wonderful person and you can check her blog at Millie Thom. She is always very encouraging and I’m so happy to have found her here. I would like to thank Millie for nominating me for the Liebster Award.

The rules for this award are:

1. Thank the person/people who nominated you by providing a link to their blog in your Liebster Award post. (Done)

2. Give 11 random facts about yourself.

3. Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.

4.  Nominate 5-11 other bloggers.

5. Ask your nominees 11 questions of your own.

The questions for me are:

  1. What are the main types of posts you write and what type of blogs do you enjoy reading yourself?

Initially, I had started with prose but poems also found its way. As I spent more time blogging I started writing excerpts from life (my or whatever I observed) then poem and now flash fictions.

I enjoy reading flash fictions by other writers, inspirational posts and poems. Apart from that I also enjoy photography blogs.

  1. Do you have a particular time of day when you do your blogging and how often do you generally aim to post?

Ah! This is tricky. It all depends on my training projects. With one or two days in a week I can still post and read. But if it’s a continuous batch (which runs for 10 – 15 days) then I hardly get the time. It becomes a battle between writing and reading and then commenting. When I read something interesting I have to comment. It just doesn’t feel right not to comment – it’s a way to let the writer or the writer/ creative spirit in the other person know about it. Writing with a tired mind is the worst kind of torture done to yourself and your reader so I will never write with a tired mind.

However, during those leisurely moments I write when I’m inspired by something. I just cannot write during the afternoons (tired, sleepy mind, I guess takes control of me).

  1. Have you a particular genre you like to read or watch on TV/movies, and are there any genres that you would avoid at all costs?

As far as reading goes I love to read anything except for magazines and comic books and also erotic stuff. My favourites are inspirational, fiction, non- fiction and also classic. I love watching inspirational, sci-fi movies, period movies, suspense and sometimes documentary movies as well. I absolutely love historical period dramas.

  1. What would be your ideal holiday destination? (e.g. are you a sunshine-and-beach kind of person or a sightseer, a sports-driven holiday-seeker, or what?)

I enjoy nature and greenery and so would prefer hilly destinations. But beaches are also fine. I also love visiting historical monuments.

  1. What is your biggest goal in life at the moment?

At the moment not to quit my morning walks. 🙂

  1. What is your favourite type of music? Do you have any favourite performer(s)?

I enjoy all kinds except for hard rock. No favourites but I enjoy Carpenters, Abba, Jim Reeves and Johnny Cash.

  1. Do you have a favourite musical instrument and do you play anything yourself?

I used to have a synthesizer. I would love to play a piano or a violin.

  1. To what extent are you influenced by fashion in your choice of clothes?

I don’t go by the fashion trends but I certainly would like to dress appropriately for any occasion. I might be aware about the trends but not follow them religiously. My favourite is a pair of light blue jeans and white shirt.

  1. Describe your ideal meal/venue for a meal on a special occasion or night out.

Sea food – I love it along with green veggies and fruits. My ideal meal would be veg pulao and chicken curry made by my mom.

  1. When you were a child, what did you want to be when you ‘grew up’?

As a child, I was very imaginative and wanted to be a lot of things – teacher, nurse, doctor, architect, and pilot and one time I also wanted to be a nun. The funny thing is every year it kept changing and finally when I reached college I had no idea what I would do.

  1. Now the biggie: What do you think of ‘Game of Thrones’ (book or TV series)? This seems to be a popular discussion point at the moment!

With the series taking a grip of people all over the world, the book has been lying on my shelf for a very long time. I enjoy the series – fantasy, imagination, plot, setting, characters – you just name it, it’s all there. Metamorphoses of some of the characters are really engaging but the storyline sometimes shines bright and sometimes looks dull (that’s when they polish it hard and fine).

There is nothing greater than sharing the award with others. So I’d like to keep it rolling and nominate these guys for the award.

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Random facts about me are:

  1. I loved sowing and embroidery work when I was a young girl, so my mom thought it would be nice to add the art of cooking to my list. She trained me to cook but I hated it. Now I find it therapeutic when I have too much emotions bottled inside me and there is no one that I can share it with I find something to cook. It’s better than shouting and breaking one’s head.
  2. I hate summers. I enjoy winters.
  3. My new love is photography. I shoot anything that looks beautiful mostly flowers and inanimate objects. I’d love to go into street photography and portraits.
  4. Two ladies who helped me in building my strong personality are my mom and my paternal grandmother. But they hardly spoke well of each other or nicely to each other, the dividing line was the mother and daughter “in-law” relationship. But it was between them.
  5. Friendship is a relationship that I cherish. My childhood was not very easy going but my friends always gave me a reason to be happy.
  6. As a child I was told there are bad people and there are good people; that is pretty much what all the parents tell their kids. In time I learnt that for good people to have many good qualities and one bad quality is o.k. Similarly all bad people can have at least one good quality in them and it is that one thing that we should see and ignore the rest (for it is not our judgment).
  7. I hate numbers. Maths was never my strong subject but I managed.
  8. I take less time to shop for clothes and shoes than my sister. I only get confused while shopping for bags.
  9. I don’t hate to wear makeup; it’s just that I don’t prefer it often.
  10. Give me a big smile. 😀 When I was in school one of my teachers told that I like the way she greets every teacher with a smile. And then she added “everyone should do it”. I was a bit embarrassed but never gave up that habit.
  11. I was never a talkative person. During parent teacher meetings my mom was told everything is good but she never speaks in the class. I used to speak only when required and never was talkative even now I am not.

My questions to my nominees are:

1. What inspires you?

2. What has been the greatest achievement of your life?

3. Books, movies, songs, plays – what do you like? Could you name the favourite?

4. Whom do you admire and why?

5. What all creative things do you do?

6. With all the creative things that you possess what else would you want to add to your list?

7. Which is a recent movie or a book that you have watched or read?

8. If you have to spend an entire day as someone who would that be (as in a movie character or a character from a story or T.V. series) and why?

9. Which is your favourite colour?

10. What is your favourite sport to watch? Which sport do you enjoy playing?

11. What is your favourite food?