Life is…

We all make plans and there is nothing wrong with it. Right? Planning, organizing and executing are essential steps in reaching ones goals. But sometimes the plans even if rightly executed don’t really lead us to our desired goals. And sometimes they work like the universe just sat with us in the making and execution of fulfilling our goals. It would be right to say then, “Life is too short to make long plans.”

Sometimes life makes me ponder over some of my decisions and then I think, and then… I rethink and the process continues till I complicate the simplest of things. It’s then, when I can say, “Life is too short to make it complicated.” But I also think it is not life that is complicated it is the people and the relationship that binds us together that at times is complicated. So I try to keep the relationships simple and people, well…sometimes they are happy and sometimes they are not. So I simply, let them… be them.

Life is too short to hold a long book of judgment. In life it is so easy to be judgmental about people and things. There was a time when I was too judgmental about life (as in people and situations). It didn’t do me much good and was the right tool to have a hazy outlook towards life. Today, with the book of judgment thrown away life looks fresh.

I would say dreams make us more alive. If you don’t dream… then you should, and if you do…then dream more often. Dreams have a magical power of transporting us into another life and so I would like to say, “Life is too short to bundle our dreams away from us.” Recently I have started painting and making craft. There are still other dreams that have started whispering into my ears and I’ll start with them one by one.


Life can be a lot of things to a lot of people but to me, life is… tequila shot, to be lived and enjoyed with gusto and a little bit of sour lemon and salty tango to uplift our spirits of life.

Treated with cucumber

I would like to share this video first. I hope you enjoy watching this video because I sure did.

Conclusion: Even monkeys want to be treated fair so what’s wrong if we humans want the same treatment from people around us. Yes, I had been treated with a cucumber once and it tasted pathetic.

There are certain things that are beyond one’s control but still we are subjected to inequality. Things like: our looks, gender, class, region or even a special needs person are things that we are born with. I feel sad for the people who treat others based on their self made parameters. They really don’t think twice before their actions or words. They don’t respect others for who or what they are as these others have no identity in front of them.

I remember my first interview not because it was my first interview but for receiving a dose of inequality for the very first time in my life.

In a light pink suit I sat confidently in the interview hall. My eyes scanned as the other contenders came and left. Everyone left empty handed. I was already interviewed and was asked to wait. Technically this would be my second interview. I was rejected earlier due to inadequate computer knowledge. I took the feedback and was working on it.

Anyways, coming back to the current interview hall – I saw a girl dressed in normal blue jeans and some shimmery t-shirt entering the hall exactly twenty minutes before the interview was about to be closed. Her face was a painted landscape whereas mine was a blank white canvas. At my mom’s request I had worn some ear studs. Thank God! I was at least wearing those as it consoled me from the inferiority complex that I was suffering at that time.

It was a long wait and I was hoping it to be fruitful. The door to the interview room was open and I was sitting by the door. I could hear the girl reading the passage super fast. Throughout the interview process she did not demonstrate any signs of confidence – her speech was unclear as she stammered at times. I could smell her fear in every word that she uttered.

I was sure that she would be rejected. But the guy dressed in black was going to prove me wrong. He handed her the appointment letter. OK! that’s fine, I thought – even I’ll get mine; I was so confident. He walked towards me and said, “I’m sorry you are not selected.” I knew the reason but hoped for an answer so I asked if I could work on something. He just smiled which was equivalent to no answer, no feedback. What the hell was that? In the entire day he chose only one candidate and that was ‘the girl in the makeup’.

It didn’t trouble me that the girl wore makeup or she was two or three shade fairer or she looked prettier than me; what troubled me was that I knew she was not confident, she mispronounced words that even the interviewer corrected at times, there were more than five occasions when she didn’t answer at all. So how or why was she selected? To be honest I was a raging bull that day. I was never treated like this anywhere – at home or social community or school or college – anywhere – never.

After losing my appetite on receiving such treatment, I decided a few things 1) wear makeup 2) work on my skills 3) gain knowledge, as much as possible and 4) not to wear pink.

I was ready for my next interview with all the things that I had learnt previously or accidentally. This time I got selected and ever since I have met people who have treated me equal and respected me for sharing my knowledge with them.

So yes, I did fell like that monkey once… cheated with a cucumber and not treated with grapes.


Life is full of adventures

Life is full of adventures only if we step out of our comfort zone. Only if I was so certain as to think that tomorrow things will happen exactly the same way I had thought and planned, I would have never known what adventure is? Only if I had to take a step born out of an uncertain situation I would be facing adventure in my life.

Adventure is a part of life. For rich adventure means- horse riding, car racing, gambling and many more. For a poor adventure is- looking for a job, getting a meal may be two times a day, shopping for a new pair of shoes, staying under a roof that partially provides protection from the sun, rain or snow. For a wild animal adventure is-jungle, survival, being a prey, becoming a predator. For a pet adventure would be- going on a walk, playing with someone, running around the house all alone, a chase with a vet.

place on top of a hill

This a temporary house of Gaddi people (locals of Himachal Pradesh, India). It is said that during winter months they make such houses for their cattle like sheep and goats to stay. They would stay there throughout winter as the sun is direct and is helpful for the survival of their cattle in terms of more green pastures and warmth. Once winter is over they come down with their cattle. I was fortunate enough to capture this as they mostly get damaged during thunderstorms. Life for any person living in the mountains is full of adventure, even their everyday routine is full of adventure. As I stood here I kept thinking how their life would have been and how they would have spend their time staying at such a great height where the normal mode of transportation is only walking.

imaginary unicorn

The sun was setting and this poor thing was running up and down for at least five minutes (long enough for me to take a click)making some noise. It was a white mule I guess against the white snow that stirred up some thoughts in my mind. I thought what if it was playing hide and seek calling for the other friends of it. What if it was looking for its partner or calling its child. Apart from this, the sun was about to set and since it was moving frantically it reminded me of Cinderella trying to leave the party at midnight. What if this animal had a power and could turn into a white unicorn or had a home beyond a waterfall. All my answers still left unanswered I could see it disappearing in the white snow mysteriously as it had appeared in front of me. Perhaps I could have gone after it, I’m sure it would have been an adventure of its kind.


Got my life back

After an exhausting week or a day I need a cup of tea. It makes me feel like I’ve regained my senses. I don’t care what time of the day or night I reach home but I’ll take the trouble to make it and drink it.

If I’m back after a tiresome journey I need my energy drink first, that would be- a cup of tea. Then I just go off to sleep. That would be like a dead dog. Oh! And before going off to sleep I keep my mobile in silent mode, no disturbances you know. Even if I forget I don’t care. I just sleep….cause I’m too tired and nothing or no one can then wake me up.There have been instances in the past when my phone was ringing and I had nicely received the call, mumbled a faint hello,and kept it next to my ears and continued with my sleep; irrespective of who was on the other side of the line. I found out that it was my mom, many times, and my boss, once.


Room engulfed in darkness. Darkness prevails in heart. I reach for candle. Light it. See the candle burn, watch the flame dance and let the wax melt.

Hope, the epicenter of a dark heart, flickers in the midst of life’s turmoil. Hope keeps burning. Emotions keep flickering. Life keeps melting.

Blues in life

Life is just like a tide in an ocean; you have highs and you have lows in life.
High waves are a representation of excitement in life and low waves represents weariness and hopelessness.

What do I do during those weary moments of my life?
It very simple, I’ve a few tips of my own. Some might be weird, some might already be followed by you and some would make you smile a little.

The first one on my list is to cry. It eases away all the emotional pain and feelings of distress. It proves to be a good therapy. When I’m thinking too much and the blues have drained me of my sleep, I simply cry. I simply cry at it and not laugh at it. I would laugh at it had the blues hit me during my high tide, but during my low tides I like to cry.

Let me tell you how it proves to be effective.
I make sure that I think about all the aspects of the problem and start crying at night when everyone is off to sleep. After crying for sometime I go off to sleep. I’m always able to sleep peacefully after that. Let me warn you, the next day I wake up with a swollen face. But it proves to be effective as the pain has subsided. If it still exists I carry the therapy for few more days the pain just vanishes away and I bounce up like a high tide.

The second one is to write. Even before I started writing, and much before the WordPress coming into my life I had a small dairy. It is still there with me. All my experiences good and bad are captured in it. It serves as a scrap book, capturing the good and bad moments of my life (no pictures included, just words). Over the years my dairy has been my silent companion by simply giving itself to me by letting me jot down the important moments of my life.

The next on my list is: praying and meditating.

Of course this should be at the top of the list but it is not. Let me explain. When I have lost all hope, I have a restless mind and I no longer can take the pain-I simply cry. When I’m in a situation and floating in the sea of life, I analyze and try to find a solution-I write. When I’m all positive about the solution and know the steps to take- I pray or mediate.

In response to:Daily Prompt: Singing the Blues

A Job

I do. I do, love you, my job.

It was eight years back that I found you. I would have been lost in the gallery of life, had passion not driven me to you. Now you would be wondering as to what do I do.
I train people on communication skills, customer service and other aspects of soft skills. Long time back when I had joined a company, I met my trainer. She was full of energy and I wanted to be like her.

I started paving my path towards my goal as a trainer. I loved every aspect of training, right from the research work…to building games, involving participants, reading…giving feedback…receiving appreciation from clients and participants…working long hours…staying up the entire night preparing reports, going for meetings, preparing presentations.

Every day I got up with a smile to meet my batch. With every batch I learnt new things and shared my knowledge with them.

This could very well be my present day, very busy, but it is not. For the past three years I have been working on project basis because of my health. Mostly it is due to migraine, which could be due to stress, bad weather, too much of coffee or the lights from the projector sometimes even scent of a bouquet will be sufficient enough to trigger the pain.
What happens after this? I become an observer captured in my own body. It seems that the pain takes the driver’s seat and I’m sitting at the back. Thanks to my doctor and thanks to my candy headache tablets (yes that’s what I call them) I can pop it in anytime and it eases my pain.

Present Day- I still love my job. My relationship with my job is based on passion and dedication and I’m not going to leave it. Working on a part time basis perfectly suits me well.

Now I can invest my time in other activities also which gives me pleasure. Like reading, writing, meditating, cooking, listening to songs, paintings, craft work and gardening. Yes, these activities are for pleasure’s sake only and no money is involved in performing or showcasing them.

Why should I….

…stop hoping, when hope means so many things.


Hope is like the warmth of the sunlight, after a gloomy weather.

Hope is a promise of a new tomorrow.

Hope is the beginning of an early dawn.

Hope is like finding a comfortable house, when you get lost in the woods.


Hope is like getting fresh supplies of important things, when your supplies are over and out.

Hope is that end of the string that is endless.

Hope is that end of the shore which comes after a non ending horizon.

Hope is finding right pair of shoes for your outfit, for an important occasion.


Hope is the transformation of seed into a sapling, which later bears fruits and flowers.

Hope is a miracle to happen, sitting at a corner.

Hope is a strong desire to change things for betterment.

Hope is magical when nothing else works.


Hope is the only thing that keeps you fueled in the race of life.

Hope helps you to stem upwards, when the situations pull you downwards.

Hope is sometimes easy, and sometimes difficult.

Hope is sometimes a possibility, and sometimes a probability.


So, why should I stop hoping, when “hoping is the bright morning light after a dark dreary night”?

Thorns And Roses


Life is a drama, so they say.

Life is tempting, so everyone knows.

It’s not a fair game to play;

Everyone says, it’s a bed of roses to lay.

Sometimes, velvet petals to touch your feet;

The other times, harsh thorns to prick your feet.

Love and life balance the game.

Live your life to the fullest, is all I say.

Love your life, to do the things you always say.

Love and life make a good couple.

Where you become a priest, without any tussle;

Money, is an illusionary master,

And, a mistress to this wonderful couple.

So, lay in the bed of roses, for long as you live.

Live, to breathe the sweet smell of the roses;

And, love to feel the pain of the thorns in the roses.