Just another day

Today was just another day for me. Got up had a nice hot cup of coffee. Read the newspaper and ran to work.

Waited for the metro. Jostled through the crowd took a place and stood in the crowded metro. I passed my time staring at a girl’s pink shoes, a denim handbag peeping at me, colourful bright orange finger ring in a hand, high black heels in front of me.

Reached office…swiped the ID card…sat in my cubicle. Everyone was called for the morning briefing. I return to my space and checked my mails. The regular work continued with some hi’s and hello’s and then the lunch break. With half day gone I waited for the other half of my working day to come to an end. Finally the call for ending the day. Everyone passes by and now the hi’s are changed to chirpy bye’s.

Reached home…made a cup of tea. Watched some T.V. I decide to order something from outside, today. So, I called…placed the order for veg noodles. Bell rang after two hours…check the door. That’s my order. Pay him…close the door.

Dinner done. Laptop on…read and write and read and finally feeling sleepy. So…goodnight for now.