Globe Gobble

Barbara Beacham is the kind host of Monday’s Finish the Story. Every week a photo and the first sentence of the story is shared and the challenge is to finish the story in 100 – 150 words. Thanks Barbara for this week’s photo and the challenge. For this week thanks to Eric Wickland of Momusnews for giving us the first line to go with the photo.

Finish the story begins with:  At first, it looked like an ordinary marble, but it was far from it. 2015-06-15-bw-beacham

A walk by the beach was a daily ritual for me. Today was no different…sea gulls, lonely shore, ferocious waves and cool sea breeze. Casting an impression on the soft wet sand, I walked.

Something shone in the sand like a piece of sun fallen from the sky. I went near it.

“Ah! What a beautiful marble.” I said, and picked it up.

I found a perfect place for it at home – in a bowl full of sea shells.

Touch…it wanted to be touched…more than once. I had picked it up twice and touched it more than three times marveling at its hollow beauty.

Spell…an unknown spell was broken and I could see liquid gold gushing through its cracks.

Fire…it breathed life and turned into a ball of fire.

It didn’t burn me, but I stared at it. Hollow turned into pure beauty. In a moment everything changed.

Shift…our gaze had interchanged. Now it was observing me from outside.

Trapped… I wondered if I’ll be visible to Billy when he comes home.