Vending Machine

What all could you want from a vending machine that works like Aladdin’s Lamp only it is not a lamp it’s a machine. It is not small, it is huge and you cannot hide it. It doesn’t work when rubbed but works fine when pressed or touched (that is, if it has a touch screen or the normal buttons to press).

Let me think for a while. Are you sure that I’ll not have to insert coins or money into it. If that’s the case then I would want it to give me some walnuts whenever I’m hungry (I love them). How about cooked home meals, I think I would love that (I hope that it tastes like a home meal too) as it would spare me from going through the trouble of cooking. There are books that I would want to read and hope this machine gives me books of various authors from different genres. And no, it would not help me in publishing a book but just help me to find the real book that I want to read. Medicines and check-ups are expensive these days. What if this machine is capable of detecting the error in body and suggest the relevant medicines or better if it could give it. I think now I’ll let the machine (that’s in the making… somewhere) rest for a while.


Ratatouille is a French dish, however, I’m going to share the recipe for Writetatouille which is nothing similar to the original Ratatouille dish. I hope  that you enjoy cooking and eating the dish as much as I did.

As I see outside the window the weather seems to be pleasant to cook a mouth- watering dish. I decide to go, not with sweet gossipy dish but a filling meal for the heart.

So, I decide to make a wonderfully delicious recipe (so, I think every time). As I go not to the kitchen but to the writing desk which is placed right next to my window. It gives me the best view possible, while I’m cooking something in my mind. All, not dressed to kill, but just to write, with the most powerful ladle in my hand, I think.

This metallic ladle oozes out blue liquid in the form of ink is handy to intelligent and common people alike. It’s easily available and ranges in price from low to as high as possible.

While preparing the dish in the wok of blank white sheet of paper, I like to sip a cup of tea. I place the wok of blank sheet of paper in the low flame of my thoughts.

I add a little oil of incidents in the wok, and then I add the chopped vegetables that form the character of my dish. I keep stirring this with simmering thoughts in my mind. It goes on for ten, fifteen minutes or can carry on for half an hour or more than that depending on the colour, thickness and plotting of the dish.

For aroma I’d like to add wonderful spices of instances from my life or others. Let me tell you, these instances are not very difficult to find, as it is readily available in the garden of observation.

I like to give the dish a stir of life and cover it with the lid of thoughts. As the dish is being prepared I relax myself by looking out of the window.

After sometime I take off the lid and give the dish a last stir, and shake it with a good read. In the end I garnish it with leaves of videos, pictures and smilies (where necessary). The lovely dish is finally cooked with great care and tenderizing love.

You can serve it with friends or perhaps like me read it when alone.

You can serve it to the blogs or newspaper or just keep it in a diary for yourself.