Month names

Oh boy! it was a challenge to remember all those names of months. I always used to forget them. And if I ever remembered them, there order was always incorrect.

But then my mother showed me a cool way to remember them. She showed me to count them on my knuckles (as in between them).

I thought it was a cool trick. Counting them on the vallies and hills of my knuckles not only helped me to remember the order but also the number of days they had (as in, if they had 30 or a 31 days) in them. Plus I could recite them any time. That was fun!

I couldn’t wait to share this with other kids at school, then.

Now, I can’t wait to share this with other younger children. It’s good to see that the trick fills them with the same wonderment as it had once filled me with smiling eyes.

Thanks Ma.

Was inspired to write for the daily prompt:  Mnemonic

Best birthday ever

Mom’s are the sweetest things ever, they are the best gift from God. My mom, she is a mixed combo of sweet, sour, tangy and chilly emotions. No, she is no dish but she is one weird being. There are times when she’ll go out of the way to do things for me and she is this sweet candy bar to me.

Then there are times when inspite of me telling her ten thousand times not to do a particular thing….what will she do? She will end up doing the same exact thing that I have told her not to do. So I associate this stubborn nature of hers as being tangy and sour.

And then there are days when she is just fiery, flaming, hot chilly. This is the only time when I’m scared of her. No reasoning helps her to understand me or my situation. This is the only time when she dominates me.

Yes, I know Mother’s day is over but do you need just one special day to remember or tighten this great bond. No, I don’t think so. Whenever you find the time you should try to strengthen this bond or any bond that is special to you.

The other day I went to one of my friend’s birthday party and that’s when I remembered her- my mom.

I remembered that she would wake up early to make me my favourite pancakes on my birthdays. School seemed to be very boring than usual as I knew something delicious was waiting for me at home. And yes, I was right as I arrived home mom would serve me pulao (rice made with chopped vegetables and dry fruits) and chicken curry. A short nap was followed after lunch and when I woke up it was homework time. Since it was a special day I got leave from studying. Then along with others I would cut my birthday cake, enjoy, play and the hectic day filled with fun would come to an end. The dinner would be served with my favourite sweet dish…kheer (a kind of rice pudding).

The veg pulao dish

The veg pulao dish (rice made with veggies and dry fruits)

Kheer (another rice dish which is sweet)

Kheer (another rice dish which is sweet)







The menu for my birthday remained the same irrespective of whatever my age was. The dishes never lost its taste, never seemed to be boring or too simple. Inspite of it being repeated every time once a year I never once felt that it should be stopped.

Now the independent and grown up person that I have become I celebrate this day as it pleases me. I would go shopping, watching movie with friends or go on a vacation…anything that is away from usual.

I still remember those birthdays spent with her. There was no money involved to make me happy then but there was her love and affection that made my day so special. Her sparkling smile with the good morning kiss and the birthday wish would fill me with the fountain of positivity. Though I might dine at a famous restaurant on my birthday, eat an expensive dish or receive a precious gift…all this put together will never be able to equate those birthdays spent with my mom.

Although she visits me sometimes, which is atleast once or twice a year. She would off and on cook my favourites during her visits. However, the alignment of my special birthday menu on that very special day hasn’t come to life in a very long time (ever since I moved out of home).