I have a partner who keeps my secrets. In sad days, I can pour out my sadness. In happy days, I can talk non-stop about my happiness. Thankfully not a crime in partner, but truly staying with me and being there for me always is my — writing journal. It is my partner of all times.


Playing a game – must be


I was at this small lake where I saw many ducks. It seemed, they were having fun… doing what they love doing – swimming. It was nice watching them perform their daily chores with much glee and chuckles.

At one corner, I saw these two fellas performing a wonderful duet. I watched them silently at first, then smiled at whatever they were trying to do and then went for my camera. All work and no play could make anyone dull. So I think, they must have been playing their version of Simon Says. Thanks God! I had my big camera to capture this hilarious moment of my life and a playful moment of theirs.