Radiant Door

I was held captive by my past

the key to a radiant door,

I held within me.

The moment I realized,

I saw myself standing at the threshold of the present,

from there I saw the radiant future shine upon me.

All I had to do was shut the door — of my past — behind me.


For daily prompt: Radiant

Past Remembrance

Christmas is the time of joy, celebration and leftovers. I like this kind of leftovers; they are tasty, delicious and I can have them all.

This leftover object that I’m going to talk about is nowhere close to being tasty. It is not edible at all; although it is durable. When I started working at least seven or eight years back I had saved some money. I wanted to invest it into something good and worthy. After a lot of thinking and gathering friendly opinions I finally wanted to buy a cross trainer.

I have no idea how I thought of investing my hard earned money into something that was not even me. I’m not an athletic person, never was, never will be. But I still went ahead to buy a cross trainer. The only fitness equipment that I had seen at home was a heavy dumbbell. That was my father’s. It was quite heavy and I could not lift it when I was fifteen. I think I took the inspiration from there. It is not a sin to have a body in good health and shape after all. Would you not agree with me?

When I got it I made sure to utilize it. So I came up with a workout routine. Everyday for fifteen to twenty minutes I used to exercise on it. I started with early in the morning before breakfast. With time I started to lessen the number of days then the time and finally I just would say hi to it. I really enjoyed spending time with it because I didn’t need a trainer or someone to help me and I was sure about the results too as I used to feel quite energetic.

Since I was happy with the results I got motivated to use it daily without fail. I was using it daily and churning out my extra body fat with all the enthusiasm that I had. Then we shifted to a new city. It was difficult to move it and I was recommended to part it away. It was not the fear of parting away with this piece of machinery it was the money that I had spent on it that struck me first. Lastly it was the feel of being athletic and having a healthy body. Because of all this I didn’t want to part away this piece of equipment.

Finally it did arrive with me to a different town. Somehow everything changed here because of too much work I started neglecting it. Very soon it started catching dust sitting at a corner of the house. Then when I found the time my knee was hurt and I could not use it. So all in all it has stayed as a masterpiece at one corner of the house for more than five years now. There is some hope that I would start using it although it will not be the way I used to in the past and that keeps me from selling it.

I’ve found another use for it now that I don’t exercise. It is serves as a masterpiece and whenever someone comes by a point is made not to hide it but showcase it. It is good to see their curious and sometimes excited looks. Once I was asked to sell this by my friend. Of course the answer was no and always will be. Now and then I’m advised by my family members to sell this as it takes up space. But I can’t, it is not only an object; it is a masterpiece for me. It is not only a fitness equipment but a remembrance of my past. It is not a lifeless metal object; it shares memories with me and I will not part away with it. It is a leftover of a place and a part of my past that I would always love to cherish and remember.


Relive the past week

Ok!…interesting, so how did WordPress know about my last week? The past week started with a reading of 10 on my mad-o-meter on Monday and slowly had decreased till Sunday.

Monday marked the beginning of the week. I had a good start but had no idea that by the end of the day my maddening degree would be all time high. Had to take a new batch, normally I’m aware of what the batch is all about…and so I’m well prepared. But this was different…had no idea that the batch would be totally different from what I had expected or handled in the past. You get the feeling if something is not working your way and I started getting that feeling. Outcome of the day: I got bored and so did the participants or vice a versa. I kept thinking about the day throughout the week. Now being given the chance to change- I think I would change the day.

Tuesday was ok and so was Wednesday. I was still thinking about Monday and all the how’s and why’ attached to that day. So, on the meter reading, Tuesday was 8/10 and Wednesday came down to 7. Once the maddening meter was down to 7 I realized that I had analyzed the situation from my point of view and so I needed to change.

Now if asked to change the Monday, my answer would be a no. The reason being, I learnt my lesson that, “by changing my viewpoint and by simply changing my angle I got a better look at the situation and it helped me to have a successful session this Monday.”

Thursday, Friday and Saturday were just normal days. No thoughts of changing the days required here.

Sunday went out shopping. Absolutely enjoyed it! Again, don’t want to change it either.