New is New

After an old comes a new and then again it becomes old. But until the new becomes old, new should be enjoyed… as new is new.

A brand new pair of shoes and bag for…someone…on display.

A brand new pair of golden shoes and bag

We say good bye to the old and hi to the new. Fresh red leaves (poinsettia) greeting the year 2015.

red leaves and yellow flowers

My new colour pencils.

colour pencils

A new pen on blank sheets to write…mmh!…what, I don’t know, yet.

flower pen




It’s what you have that counts

I didn’t have a pen, so I used a stick to write

I didn’t have a paper, so I wrote on the mud

I didn’t have a toy to play, so I added wheels to a matchbox

I didn’t have a phone, so I pretended to talk over a toy phone instead

I didn’t have a canvas, so I used the sky to paint with my eyes closed

I didn’t have friends to talk, so I spoke to birds, trees and sometimes walls

I didn’t have a melodious voice, so I sang along with a cassette playing

I didn’t have money, so I worked hard day and night to have an account balance

I didn’t find peace in me, so I lit a candle in a church

I didn’t have a smile on my face, so I looked at flowers

I didn’t have an encouraging and supporting father, so I rested all my responsibility on my Heavenly Father

I didn’t have an advising companion, so I called for the guidance of guardian angels

In life I found that I sometimes didn’t have the things that I wanted, so I did whatever I could with whatever I did have

Finally it’s what you have that counts, keeping a bigger perspective in mind