We need something to measure – a scale

amidst the park….

You don’t always need small to measure big or vice versa. But it’s the human psychology we need tiny substance to measure the greatness of things; similarly we need huge substance to scale the tininess of a substance. We need beauty to measure the ugliness and perfection to measure imperfection. But we need something to measure – a scale.

in the free sky….

Everything has a price and so does freedom. A bird soaring freely up in the sky seems an easy act but it has to stick to courage and balance to keep scaling the vastness of the blue sky. Similarly we each are with individual identities and in order to keep our identities unique we need courage to survive and balance to act in difficult times.

just enough…to relax

A duck needs water to swim not too much, not too less – just enough to immerse and float itself in it. Human life could be a lot simpler and easier if we could live with not too much or too less – but enough to live happily and contented.


Two Cranes for Eternity

We were sitting on a bench by the pond. There were water lilies – pink and white – that had lifted up from the water. The gentle breeze touched their soft petals and guided their sweet fragrance to us. There were some ducks by the pond. They were busy soaking themselves in water. Ripples were added to the water as they swam.

My hands fit perfectly in your hands. Its warmth gave life to my soul. My head found a nice resting place on your shoulder – strong, yet fragile. I wished for this day to continue forever like a circle…never ending and always going.

From somewhere two cranes flew and landed by the pond. They were lost or so it seemed. But they didn’t care as they were lost…lost in each other. And all they cared for – were each other.

The sun, glowed a mild orange glow and the birds were flying back home. We got up and just like the birds started walking towards our home…our hands still tied together.

Nothing could separate us; nothing would separate us. We were at the final steps of our lives. We had seen it all and there was nothing we feared…except, for the fear of losing our souls.

Walking, we were, when all of sudden a lamppost stood in front of us trying to block our paths…trying to separate us into two. I didn’t lose your gentle grasp. Walking past the lamppost, with a soft smile on my face I said, “I will never leave you.” “I know,” he said. I could see my smile reflecting in his eyes as they twinkled with love for me. Now we were lost like the two cranes for eternity. We were lost in each other’s eyes and just like the cranes… we had no concern for our surroundings. We were locked in time and space in each other’s eyes.