Doing it anyways

I had never thought of speaking in front of strangers, but now my profession requires me to speak in front of audience. Audience of varied groups- large,small, young, old, experienced, freshers etc. These faces always greet me with a smile, but they are all unknown faces. I would be meeting them for the very first time in my life and may be will never meet them again.

The first time I was scared to face the audience. I felt like a small mouse standing in front of the hungry audience, who were of course cats, ready to tear me apart and feast on me. Practice has made me….somewhat perfect, so now I’m scared for a quick fraction of seconds and after that I’m fine.

Believe me guys, had I been scared like- dead scared, I wouldn’t have started it in the first place.

Will I be comfortable had the audience been my friends?

Yes, a guaranteed yes would be the answer. They would have applauded at my speech. They would have hidden my mistakes or sugar coated it so that I don’t feel bad. But that is not what I want in life. I don’t want to be treated like a soft toy.

I have always respected my audience. The reason is simple- they are truthful. You cannot fool them. The only thing that matters to them is not you, but the knowledge and skills that you have and you want to share it with them. For knowledge you need to do a lot of research work or in short it means a lot of hard work. For skills you need to take the feedback and improve yourself, not once, not twice but continuously. Simply put, it means to – Practice, practice and practice.

However, I would like to do bungee jumping with my friends. The reason is very simple, what if something happens to me. It’s not about boosting my confidence or being scared. It’s just a small question- what if something happens to me. I don’t know if strangers will help me or not but friends would. And if they don’t: You better sleep with your eyes open, because I will not let you sleep peacefully after I’m done with this life.