A job well done

‘Vacation’ is fun time for children but I’m scarred for my life and my children’s lives. I can’t complain because you are my master’s son and I’m just a pumpkin climber growing on the rooftop.

I like watching you’ll…running, screaming, fighting, playing, jumping…what scares me is when you’ll come close to the rooftop and start plucking my leaves – it hurts.

“Let’s play hide and seek,” everyone decides and while your cousin is counting everyone starts looking for their hide outs.

Why are you hiding in this corner? It’s not safe! Can’t you see the boundary wall is broken and you might fall? I speak loudly but I realize that you don’t understand plant language.

“This time you will not be able to catch me,” says the kid when he sees his cousin coming towards the broken wall.

“Alright kid watch your steps. You are really scaring me.” But my voice goes unheard and I see him slip from the edge of the terrace. He instantly grabs me and starts shouting with all his energy. Oh! God my leaves turned deaf that day but his life was at stake and I can’t blame him.

Hold on kid! Hold tight and scream… scream loudly. Where are the elders? Why aren’t they coming? Come on kid shout loudly I can’t support for long my vines are snapping away from the wall. Please, someone come…come fast…save the kid.

There they all come. Kid’s mother is in shock so an aunt comes to grab the kid. She asks the kid to give his right hand first and gently grabs the other hand as well. She tries to pull the kid up while another aunt tries to grab the kid’s body.

A lot of kisses and hugs follows after the kid reaches a safe spot. A slight concerned yelling is also showcased by his mother.The kid still in fear wraps himself around his mother.

Apart from losing a few leaves and my beautiful yellow flowers I’m glad that I saved the kid’s life. “A job well done,” I said to myself.