The Chase

Barbara Beacham is the kind host of Monday’s Finish the Story. Every week a photo and the first sentence of the story is shared and the challenge is to finish the story in 100 – 150 words. Thanks Barbara for this week’s photo and the challenge. I am participating after a long time, but after looking at this picture I couldn’t resist the story that came to my mind. Thanks to all the readers for their time and helpful comments.

Finish the story begins with:  He thought he found the perfect hiding spot, but he was wrong.

The chase had lasted for an eternity. My tiny heart pumped like a machine, ready to run separately from my body.

Finally it was my turn when he slept. I whispered in his ears. The whole night he kept tossing and turning. My belly danced as I laughed…enjoying the moment of his sleeplessness. His eyes were drowsy, in the morning.

He had no idea who I was, but for me – he was “the one”.

He had driven me to the motorway where my body became a pulp as a car ran over me. The good in me tried to convince me, “It’s not his fault.” I rested my case by saying, “Nah! I’m already dead. I can’t kill him, but I can at least make him crazy.”

Crazy he had not become till now, but I was happy to see him scared.