A day…

This, a day

A day to work

A day to be active

A day to do the laundry and stuff

A day to rake the leaves

A day to mow the green grass

A day to relax

A day to go shopping

A day to dress sharp

A day to dress light

A day to gobble unhealthy edibles

A day to consume healthy food

A day to go mad

A day to cheer

A day to cry

A day to remember

A day to forget

A day to pray

A day is everyday

Everyday is this day

This day is to rejoice in the Lord


Re uh lax!

“You have worked too much for a day, so I think you should relax.”

Who me? Yes, you my strong body and my resilient brain, both of you.
I know you two have helped me working non-stop for the entire day. And now I can see-body you have become tired, and mind you also have become lethargic and confused.

Just relax for a while. “No, I can’t,” says the stubborn mind.

But you need to relax for sometime otherwise you will not be able to function efficiently tomorrow. Don’t you want that? Yes, yes, agrees the mind.

So, come let’s just relax form some time.

I listen to one of the deep relaxation audio files- with the bells chiming and the sweet incense sticks burning I let my mind and body relax for a little while. Once this exercise is over I treat my mind by taking it on a trip (no, not the Hawaii kind of trip). I let my mind go on a trip by sitting silently for a few minutes. This goes on for a nice ten to fifteen minutes, until my body starts resenting its sitting idle. The mind is now refreshed.

Now comes your turn-body. Let me pamper you, so I take out the pastry from the fridge. I nicely place myself on a couch, with the remote in one hand and pastry in the other; I go into the non-working mode for a while. I relish each bite as my body unwinds with each small little spoonful bites and my mind simply recites the sounds of taste…uumh!…umh! The body feeds and gains strength and mind relaxes until the pastry vanishes from the plate…after that back to normal mode.