I love rivers and the running streams. I love the way water flows in them… through the rocks and pebbles and dried tree trunks. River to me stands for the way of life always flowing never stopping – always learning and growing- till it meets its end. Water a true symbol of strength and force also symbolizes calmness and life-giving energy.


Nature and everything in it symbolizes life, beauty, creativity and uniqueness to me. Nature is not only a teacher but a true artist as well (always at work creating something marvelous). The tree below looks like a human to me trying to reach for the sky. I had other photos as well to share but because of an error was not able to upload.

Nature’s art

Light a symbol of hope and goodness.


Standing still

This is how fray appears to me:

rocks in conflict with the waves

These rustic and rugged looking rocks tell a tale of conflict with water currents and winds. This conflict is responsible for shaping them and yet they are not completely worn out. They stand still- as if they have readily accepted a challenge- waiting for more to come their way, ready to be torn, ripped and split into many pieces…but until then it decides to stand still and upright.

torn banana leaves in conflict with wind

Have you seen banana leaves, I mean the fresh ones. Once the leaves grow big they are all ruffled at the edge giving it a rather shabby look. As a child, I used to think someone might have come in the night and torn the leaves apart. The gentle breeze wearing an invisibility cloak was responsible for these ruffled edges on the banana leaves spoiling its soft gentle look and giving it a torn and tattered look. My guess is, they will stand still until the leaves have lost their sheen and have soiled away with time.