Rounded Objects

How about a golden round mirror and a golden gramophone for some music?

A nice place to sit before it would have been standing.

Some pearls and crystals, for a lady to wear.

Delightful looking green gooseberries, always remind me of lemons. Very sour!

When I first saw this flower, I marveled at it as it held beauty, simplicity and attractiveness all together. I thought that the vibrant blue spikes in the center against the creamy background of the petals looked very striking.

Hydrangea to me is a round ball of tiny flowers. It’s a bouquet in itself.

This post is for the weekly photo challenge: Rounded



Don’t Give Up

Running, round and round my dreams;

A time came, when darkness and negativity circled me.

I wanted to give up.

But the feeble light of hope shouted,

“Don’t Give Up!”

“Don’t give up, yet.”