One day gone

There comes a time when life doesn’t make any sense. It happened long time ago, when I was a teenager. But today, I am not.

Just when I thought life was going smooth, I was hit by the vagueness of it.


Where is my life going? What am I doing? Am I doing something meaningful for myself or for others? Myriads of questions seep into my mind. They worry me, not so much by the day but definitely by the night. But what good is worrying and wandering in the vague dark corridors of my thoughts. So I decide to catch some sleep and chase some dreams.

One day gone. One more to come.

The only work of a relaxing day

I would love to be all alone if I get a bed to sleep with a soft pillow under my head and a cushion under my feet. A music soft and relaxing that would gently fill the room. Some aroma candles and incense sticks to give me a therapeutic feel and make the pain and tension disappear and drift like a smoke in the air. With my body relaxed and my mind at rest I would slip into an hour or so of sleep. Then when I get up, I would need a rich cup of hot chocolate or even some coffee would be magical. Watching T.V would be just fine and then ordering some food would be the only work of a relaxing day.

Achievement can be tiresome

Achievement of a day


Achievements can be tiresome for some. It can only be enjoyed by – sleeping to glory or jumping with joy.

I found this street pup sleeping in the shade of a bike’s tyre. I think, it had achieved half a day and needed some rest. Could not resist its relaxed body posture and calm face.

Got my life back

After an exhausting week or a day I need a cup of tea. It makes me feel like I’ve regained my senses. I don’t care what time of the day or night I reach home but I’ll take the trouble to make it and drink it.

If I’m back after a tiresome journey I need my energy drink first, that would be- a cup of tea. Then I just go off to sleep. That would be like a dead dog. Oh! And before going off to sleep I keep my mobile in silent mode, no disturbances you know. Even if I forget I don’t care. I just sleep….cause I’m too tired and nothing or no one can then wake me up.There have been instances in the past when my phone was ringing and I had nicely received the call, mumbled a faint hello,and kept it next to my ears and continued with my sleep; irrespective of who was on the other side of the line. I found out that it was my mom, many times, and my boss, once.



Blooming in the night

it’s sweet smell wafting

through the garden

entering the corridor

The girl

comes out

Everyone in deep sleep

She passes the corridor

reaches the garden

Watches her steps

She waits

The boy

Lover of hers

Life of her heart

Climbs the wall

Pats her on her back

They meet

They look at each other

their hands clasped together

They sit

in a dark patch


They sit quietly

under the jasmine bush


of a lovely future

joining the starry dots

write their names


to part

bid farewell

with a passionate kiss

with a gentle embrace

Sleep come my way


Wow! It’s sleeping time again.

As, the clock strikes 11 o’clock; my eyes shuts down with the burden of the day.

Sometimes it is a conscious effort, the other times it is so effortless.

Sometimes I’m a log. Not worried about the past or the future to come.

This is my zone, this is my time.

Not to be disturbed, I sleep so easy.

Sometimes dreaming and sometimes sleeping.

Restless are those nights when tension piles up in my mind.

What do I do as I try to sleep?

I roam around the house like a ghost haunting the house.

I read a page or two until the words make my eyes drown and a soft lullaby plays along.

I say, “Sleep please come way.”

“Please visit my home today. Don’t go any other way.”

The fairy listens to my song and I fall like an apple on the ground.