Dinner to Sleep

“Switch off the T.V. and go to sleep.” My mom used to say when I was a kid and so it was.

Now things are different and I’m my own master, doing things differently and certainly my way. So dinner is served and after that I go for a small stroll. It is before dinner that I watch all my favourite operas (that is if I’m free, if not then I watch news or something entertaining).

Now, what else do I do when my mind and body is fully awake. It is better that I should utilize its energy so I just do that. Here comes out my laptop from its bag and very nicely and obediently sits on the table. I start with checking my mails, looking for important articles and reads, searching for relevant things related to my sessions, reading the blogs and finally when I’m done I put my laptop to sleep. Then after switching off the lights I’m ready to catch my sleep express. This is something I do on a daily basis, however, on some days I declare a holiday for my laptop.

When not engaged with my laptop I give my attention to my T.V. set and watch some movie or some entertainment channel or food channel … and finally when I don’t see what is being shown: I know … sleeping time is near, and off I go to sleep.

Then there are a few days when I take a book and read one or two pages or till the time I can understand what is written. Finally when I’ve read too much I switch off the lights and sit quietly for at least ten minutes. I think about the day that got over, the people that I met, what situation did I face, if it was a peaceful day or not, if not how could I have handled it better at work…and tomorrow will be a bright morning. And then I take a long stretch and may be yawn a bit sometimes and go off to sleep. Coming to you sleep…Goodnight dear friends! My eyes closing…closing …closed.