A New Me

I entered, I was happy to see Sahil. He treats my hair like no other hair stylist. I always get my hair cut from him and no body else. He was busy brushing, combing, and massaging a customer’s hair. He looked at me and gave me a smile. He asked me to wait for some time.

I waited for him to get over with the other client but then in fifteen minutes time he called me. He asked me to sit on the chair. I sat. I always close my eyes when I sit, I don’t know why, but I always do this. Maybe I’m too confident completely entrusting myself and more importantly my hair at the hands of others. But he is no other guy, he is my hair stylist. He is the guy. Or maybe I want to meet a newer version of me.

I have known Sahil for at least four years now. He is an expert and gives the best treatment to your hair. Just like a mother leaves her children at a creche knowing that they will be taken care off in the same manner I knew Sahil will take care of my hair.
In these four years I have know him to be an expert. I have known him to give the right advice to groom my hair. He has always given the best treatment to my hair. In these four years he has always treated me “like a customer is the king”. He has understood my requirements and given a perfect hair cut to me. He had always been polite. But the one thing that he had not done in these four years was to “smile”. This was the first time he did it.

While I was sitting at my “customer’s chair” he was combing my hair, trimming it, checking for the length (because I had instructed him not to shorten the length too much). Now normally he would have taken atleast one hour but this time I was amazed at the skills that he demonstrated. He gave me a haircut and at the same time finished with the hair treatment of the other client.

I thought he likes to do everything on his own but this time I was happy to see him take the command in his hands. I had never seen him delegating work to his assistant, but this time he was. As he was applying some pack on the hair for the other client he was instructing his assistant “blow dry the hair, do it nicely…comb, comb it nicely, don’t touch the part which is clipped…now come here rinse the hair, do it properly.” Now this was the first time he not only looked commanding but also sounded commanding.

Tossing between the clients he was done with cutting my hair.

As I said I don’t look up until the final moment, where he says “Please take a look, it’s done.” That is the final moment for me. Will I be looking at a new me, will he have understood my instructions, will I have the hair cut that I had imagined, the most important will I look good, will it suit me. I realize that it is a bit too late for all this. With all these thoughts lingering in my head, I finally raise my head up in slow motion. A final thought before I look at myself, “even if it does not suit me, I’ve come to a point where I don’t care.” So, I don’t care and I look at myself and …yeah!… I have a new look. I am happy to meet the new person. She looks different.

And all thanks to…Sahil. He did it again, gave me a wonderful haircut.

Legacy to leave or live

What did I bring with me?

Nothing other than me.

What will I take with me?

Nothing other than me.


But by the time I leave;

I would have lived an entire life.

Would I have left anything behind?

Or, would I have taken everything along.

I don’t know;

Who, will know?


The unknown will have an account for everything.

I will, not have built a mausoleum of love;

A Taj Mahal to be gazed by loving surprise.

I will, not have painted a puzzled smile of the century.

A Leonardo’s Mona Lisa,

The mystery of painting or the mystery of your sight.


I will have tried to touch,

Every heart with kind words.

I will have tried to paint;

Every heart with a tender smile.


Wealth can be acquired and lost;

Things can be constructed and destroyed.

Good deeds done to be remembered.

Always, they are to stay.


It will have spread like wild flowers on the earth.

The smell so sweet and colours so vibrant;

That I will see from far across a distant land.

So, will I have left a legacy;

Or lived one.

I will see in the eyes of someone.


Daily Prompt: Don’t You Forget About Me

Smile an everlasting smile

Smile an everlasting smile

“Smile an everlasting smile…” these are not just words from a song. I’ve always thought why is it difficult to wear a smile. Although sometimes it appears on our faces without any hesitation and other times it is equally burdensome.

I know of someone whose life is not going uphill in terms of career or personal life and she is very depressed. I remember her; she was the same person who used to enjoy life to the fullest. I can sense the sadness in her tone. So one day I asked her, “Why don’t you smile?” And she said,”I can’t”. I told her but you should at least try. She said,” I don’t know, I can’t. It is very hard. Even if I try to, it is very difficult.”

This dialogue with her made me thinking that is it possible not to smile. Can it be so difficult to wear a smile? People say “laughter is the best medicine” and I truly believe that. You can’t laugh all the time and so I’m a big fan of a simple smile. Nothing else will brighten your day like a simple smile.

One of the things that I like to do early in the morning is walk up to the mirror and simply smile at myself. Unlike my friend even I was not doing great in the two quadrants of life: career and relationship.  All of a sudden I could feel that my heart had gained weight and it was sinking and corroding me from inside. I don’t know about looking but I used to feel that I was five times older than usual (of course! without any experience or my actual age being that old). To be honest I didn’t like this new version of me. I think most of the people would agree to my condition because there are times when things do not go your way and this is exactly how someone or most of us would feel. So I started to find ways to pull myself back to the old me that I had known for so many years.

I started reading motivational books, watch motivational CD’s I also started tracing steps of influential people who withstood hard times; but nothing was helping me much and I kept going back to the gloomy me. I realized that I was spending most of my time inside the house, so, I decided to move out. I made it a routine to go out in the park at least once in the day.

The park not only used to fill me with a new refreshing energy but it pleased my heart as well. I used to sit an enjoy the children playing and laughing, the dogs taking a walk with their owners, youngsters and old walking and exercising  to keep themselves fit and healthy. I couldn’t stop myself from going to the park. But there was still some sadness in my heart.

As one day I was sitting in the park bench a small child came up to me, and she simply smiled at me. I couldn’t stop myself and returned her smile. In that moment something had changed and I could feel that I was not trying to smile but genuinely smile at her. It was a miracle moment for me because my heart was also smiling with me and I felt light as a feather. I kept smiling that entire day.

The next morning when I got up and was accidentally standing in front of the mirror I could see a faint smile on my face. I could see the change in me and around me. That smile had not only brightened my day but also brought a new and better version of me.

From that day on wards I decided that the first thing I’ll do after getting up would be to look at my reflection on the mirror and smile. It has almost been one year and I’ve kept up with this routine till date. I think it is just a way of greeting me and wishing a great day ahead. I would agree that sometimes when the life doesn’t go my way I become sad but I’ve found out a trick to keep smiling and keep myself happy. I just have to remember the innocent smile of that girl who walked up to me in the park, and I have a smile on my face (Sometimes I think what if the smile of that girl fades away from my memory what will I do then. Simple I’ll look for another innocent smile; the world is big enough to find one).

I’ve realized that a smile is just like a flower; the freshness and the fragrance of which spreads from your heart to your face. But when times are difficult you could just wear a smile and your heart would bloom with joy (not to mention that you would look younger).