The Holy One

In life everyone must have some fun.

Imaginary friend, I had none.

Cause, I was the fortunate one.

Friends, I had some.

But mostly it was my mom.

I decided to be the intelligent son.

Then the friendship was done.

But survived with me,

always was the holy one.

The Walk

son h“Daddy, daddy that toy is so beautiful.”

Dad knew exactly what his son was talking about, but he said, “Where, what, I can’t see. Walk fast or we’ll miss the bus.”

“No, daddy look over there,” and he pointed his little fingers towards a shop.
The dad could not ignore. He saw what his son was trying to show him. It was a toy car.
“I want it, please daddy can I get it. You didn’t give anything for my birthday also.”

The dad’s heart was saddened and he went to the shop along with the little one. He took out his wallet to pay the shopkeeper. The son was very happy, they moved out.
The dad pretended to have missed the bus. He said, “Oh! Son do you know we have missed our bus.”

The little boy said, “It’s ok daddy we have missed so many buses.”
With a smile on his face he said, “We can walk, I can walk.”
And they both started walking….