Standing in silence

This is a story for Friday Fictioneers, which is hosted by Rochelle. Every week you are challenged to write a 100 word story based on a photo.

Thanks to  Fatima Fakier Deria for this week’s photo and also to Rochelle for hosting the challenge.

Thanks to all the readers for their time, too.

PHOTO PROMPT © Fatima Fakier Deria

He stood in silence as he had for years.

Molly, the cleaning lady, lost her job. Tommy, the driver, lost his.

He knew well of the humans and their nature of deceit.

The lady had slipped the necklace to one of her lovers.

The master was no good either; he too, had several affairs. However, he was the one to poison his father while everyone thought his death was natural.

He stands as its leaves are rustling and listening.

Once again someone is plotting plans under its shade.