Book Review: The Box Under The Bed

I just finished reading “The Box Under The Bed”.

The Book Cover

It is compiled and edited by Dan Alatorre. There are a total of 27 stories. The stories vary in word limit. Since they come from many authors you’ll surely be digging your eyes into a variety of stories.

I’m not a fan of scary stories and this was my first pick. I would say that the book was an entertaining read. It says scary and looking at the book cover I expected it to be some-what ghostly. Guess what? It proved to be more than scary and ghostly. If you love dark, disturbing, macabre, violent reads — this is, the book to read.

You could also easily fall prey to picking your favourites. I did! Each story was well crafted and had a unique story to tell. Some had twists that I wasn’t expecting. Some were creatively dark and gory. I would refrain myself from naming my favourites. To be honest, I had bookmarked them all…well, mostly all. Once I had finished reading the entire book, I saw myself going back for a quick reread. In addition to the stories; I also liked the book cover. It looks creepy with the eye and the paint. There’s something! pause… a long pause!

I would leave you all with excerpts from the book.

“But it isn’t the temperature that has dropped; it’s the atmosphere. The chill is not in the air but down my spine, something I choose to explain by the rain trickling down the back of my neck.”

Another …

“She could almost feel his longing and the surge of nervous energy coursing through his muscles. Seeing it in someone else sent an electric current of chills down her spine.”