Rises the sun

The sun rises with a bright promise of a new day.


It sets in time fulfilling its promise.

Nature’s lamp

In the evening, I sit in contemplation of what I did and what I could do better for the next day.

Awaiting a new sunrise for the next day, I sleep.

Photo Challenge: Rise/Set


Orange is more than a colour

An apple could keep the doctor away but an orange could brighten your day. I have a notepad and a pen in orange colour.  It helps me in my writing process specially during the dull moments.

During winters I like orange or yellow coloured curtains – they just lighten up the room. In the presence of sun they glow like an orange and in the absence of it… they are just orange. So, an orange is not just a colour…it is more than a colour. It could be a way of life if you have an orange juice everyday.