The tail of rainbow

The tail of rainbow.

As little Lola was playing in the park, something caught her eyes. It was a beautiful band of colours and she started wondering what is this beautiful ribbon of colours. She ran up to her grandpa and said, “Look, grandpa what is this colourful thing”.

Grandpa said,” It is a rainbow, my dear”.

She simply gasped at the sky and said, “Wow!”. There was a shine of curiosity in her eyes and she started showering questions at her grandpa.

Lola: “What is a rainbow? How is it so colourful? Why is it in the sky? Why does it have so many colours?

Grandpa knew that he had to suffice the curiosity of her loving and only grandchild. He knew that only a story would satisfy her appetite of curiosity. So, he said,”Well! Lola do you want to hear a story?”

Lola jumped with joy because she loved stories.

She said, “Yes, grandpa please tell me.”

Grandpa said, “Do you know where God lives?”

She said,” Yes, he stays up in the heaven, in the sky( as she pointed towards the sky)”.

Grandpa said,” Do you know Mrs. James?”

Lola said, “Yes! I know her she’s our office teacher and I like her. She gives us chocolates, colour pencils and sometimes she plays with us when our teacher is absent.”

Grandpa said,” Very well! Well, you see Lola God stays in heaven and right above us he has his workers like your office teacher.

Lola said,” Oh! You mean office angels.”

Grandpa:” what?”

She said,” Well grandma says angels are always there for God’s work. So, if he sits in his office in heaven like my principal, then right above us would be office angels like my office teacher.”

Grandpa was impressed and said Lola you have become very smart.

She gave a sweet smile at the compliment.

Grandpa said, “You see there are four office angels for all the four directions: north, south, east and west. They keep on checking the water levels in the rivers, lakes and other water bodies. They also see if the humans, plants and animals need water or not. And wherever or whenever there is a need for water they spring into action.”

Grandpa explained further, “they have huge barrels of water, and when they see the need for water they start rolling these drums. As these barrels are huge they require the assistance of at least three to five angels to keep the barrels at the spot where the rain is needed. These moving barrels are the sounds of thunder. There is huge commotion up there and at times these barrels collide with each other and there is lightning.

Little Lola was listening to all this with great attention. It looked as if she was imagining the whole thing.

Grandpa continued, “Then cherubs and cupids are called and they are asked to shoot at the drums with their bows and arrows. Sometimes a mischievous lot would shoot too much and make too many holes in the barrels making it rain for days and hours.

Grandpa said,” You see this is how it rains.”

Lola said,”Oh! But what about the colourful tail, how does it appear in the sky?”

Grandpa said,” Yes, coming to that. You see when these angels are moving these huge barrels; it’s a frenzy act and a lot of commotion. It is just like too many cars on the street. Sometimes the angels are hurt. They break their wings or a feather or two would fall to the earth. When it has rained enough and the sun shines it reflects on these feathers. The feathers are beautiful and white and sparkling pieces of mirror. And as the sun’s rays touch these feathers they start glowing beautiful colours in the form of a rainbow.”

Lola looked up at the sky with a smile and saw that the rainbow was fading away.

She said,” Look grandpa, why is it disappearing?”

Grandpa said,” Lola you see it is a feather of an angel and it can’t stay for long. The feather melts away as the sun becomes strong; and with the melting of the feather the rainbow also melts away.”

Lola looked at the disappearing rainbow. She smiled at it as it vanished away. With a sigh she said,” just like an ice cream.”

Grandpa sensed sadness in her tone and face. He said,” Don’t worry there will be a rainbow next time when it rains.”

Lola’s face brightened up with a smile. She knew now that as the rainbow was a part of an angel she would look for it and know that the angels are blessing her in some way.