Being twelve again

Oh God! I forgot to complete my homework (I was unaware of it when I went off to sleep yesterday). I forgot my lunchbox. But I’m not penniless. I was penniless as a 12 year old back then. I had to earn my pocket money by helping my mom and sometimes I was paid in kind like a baked cake, watching T.V for two hrs rather than one hr, getting to play for longer hrs and the list could go on and on but for the time being I just remember the ones that I loved. Thank God! till yester night I was an adult, I still have my account and my cards.

All the subjects were boring except for English…the sole reason being I loved my English teacher and automatically was interested in the subject. And besides that she was kind to me. It could be my smile or my eyes that pleased her, of course that is my thought…didn’t ask then and not interested in the one right now.

It was easy to figure out where my place would be or what I would be doing for the rest of the day. Apart from the English teacher everyone asked for the homework which I didn’t have. So along with everyone I was sent out of the class. We spent our time chatting and giggling at the corridor. On and off some teacher would pass by and make remarks and we would stand at attention and stop talking when we saw someone approaching towards us. After two classes I didn’t even make an attempt to go inside the class as I knew I would be sent out again.

One girl asked me, “Why don’t you come in? There is no teacher now?

“Ah! I have not finished any of my homework so I think the teacher would not accept me in the classroom. Apart from that it is very boring to sit in the class and listen to their lectures,” I made my point to her unconsciously.

“You are right. It is boring,” she said and joined from the next class onwards by lying that she had not completed her homework.

I was thrilled to have a company. She was talkative, so I was not bored. The rest of the day concluded smoothly.

I think she would be disappointed not to see me tomorrow because wordpress would have sent us back to normal. So, I can say, “I had a terrific and an unproductive first day at school and I really enjoyed it.”