The Moon

This is a story for Friday Fictioneers, which is hosted by Rochelle. Every week you are challenged to write a 100 word story based on a photo.

Thanks to Ted Strutz for this week’s photo and also to Rochelle for hosting the challenge.

Thanks to all the readers for their time, too.


The place was filled with joy, laughter and champagne. I was not happy.

I stood where I could see the moon.
Droplets of pearls — her words —fell from my eyes.
“I miss you, mom.”
She wanted to go there.

I run downstairs.
Go to my laptop…log in…fill the form. Hit submit.

“Mom, I’ll go where you wanted to go. Dad’s got a new wife and here’s to my new life. Guide as always.” I speak a silent prayer.

“Moon watch out, I’ll be coming soon.” A promise, I make to the moon.