Disruptions of times

In the late ‘90s the world rocked to the disruption brought by the computers.

However, today is a different story. Our entire world is literally spinning around computers, internet and technology.

Every once in a while we get technological hiccups that disrupt our normal regular life with newer things and newer ways. What I remember, is — when computers and internet were dormant energies we used to go shopping. It had its positives and negatives. Talking to people, eavesdropping a random conversation, pestering mummy to buy ice-cream, soaking in the sun, bird watching for free etc.

Today with changing times and with the changing climatic conditions we have started to feel the unhealthy shifts of weather in a single day. From hot – to cold – to sunny – to sometimes rainy – and so on….

There are some disruptions that cannot be played with and some gives us a chance to change and better the things for another time.

For the daily prompt: Disrupt

Time to go…

The boxes are packed and I’m ready to go.

The truck is loaded and the wheels are rolling. The house in which I had stayed for the last five years is slowly becoming distant. But distant, it will only be to my physical eyes, for it is locked in my mind’s eye forever. Although, I’m happy that a new house is waiting for me but also sad as the old is sailing away.

Just like my guardian, the old house had protected me and given me plenty of cherished memories. Right from the beginning, I knew, I shouldn’t get fond of her but I couldn’t stop myself from falling into her arms. The window of the dining room opened like a screen that showed me a motion picture of people and life – I never got bored. The sitting room that was flooded with sunlight opened to a balcony giving a perfect view to a well kept garden. A place where children played and various kinds of birds sat on tree tops feasting on their flowers.

Now it’s time for all this to end. Perhaps, ending is just only a new beginning – and that’s life, I guess.

As I leave my old house behind, I can only be positive and feel excited about the new house.

Once again I’ll be filling the vacant space of a house with different colours of emotions and chunks and pieces of material.


A piece of time


Time was a piece that hung on my wall.

Time was a superb athlete that never got caught.

Time a brilliant concept to a modern man.

And hence, some say — time is money, so run fast keep up the pace.

But to my granny;

Time was the sun that ran up the mountains and came down the hills.

Time was in a carefree mind that repeated the chores and never got old.

Time was always there for all.

Time for boredom never existed at all.

Laughingly she said, we sat while the time ran around us;

You keep running around, while the time sits on your wall.



What matters?

The world is a dream or am I a dream – dreaming, of my own existence.

If everything is a dream, then what is real?

If reality is a truth then so is my existence.

What if the truth does not exist, then my existence is also non-existent.

And if I’m a part of this world and non-existent then so is the world.

Maya – the myth becomes a fact, a reality when I live it everyday.

But if I choose not the reality but a dream, then everything comes to a halt.

And the only thing that lives is time.

Time – that was, is and will be, with or without us.

Is the only reality and truth of the whole existence.


Life is…

We all make plans and there is nothing wrong with it. Right? Planning, organizing and executing are essential steps in reaching ones goals. But sometimes the plans even if rightly executed don’t really lead us to our desired goals. And sometimes they work like the universe just sat with us in the making and execution of fulfilling our goals. It would be right to say then, “Life is too short to make long plans.”

Sometimes life makes me ponder over some of my decisions and then I think, and then… I rethink and the process continues till I complicate the simplest of things. It’s then, when I can say, “Life is too short to make it complicated.” But I also think it is not life that is complicated it is the people and the relationship that binds us together that at times is complicated. So I try to keep the relationships simple and people, well…sometimes they are happy and sometimes they are not. So I simply, let them… be them.

Life is too short to hold a long book of judgment. In life it is so easy to be judgmental about people and things. There was a time when I was too judgmental about life (as in people and situations). It didn’t do me much good and was the right tool to have a hazy outlook towards life. Today, with the book of judgment thrown away life looks fresh.

I would say dreams make us more alive. If you don’t dream… then you should, and if you do…then dream more often. Dreams have a magical power of transporting us into another life and so I would like to say, “Life is too short to bundle our dreams away from us.” Recently I have started painting and making craft. There are still other dreams that have started whispering into my ears and I’ll start with them one by one.


Life can be a lot of things to a lot of people but to me, life is… tequila shot, to be lived and enjoyed with gusto and a little bit of sour lemon and salty tango to uplift our spirits of life.


Do you have two minutes?


There are days when I’m busy and then there are days when I try to be busy and still there are days when I’m partially free and then absolutely free.

On free days, there is no need to worry because it means less work or no work, at all. These are the days when I pamper myself to the fullest. Going for a beauty treatment, shopping therapy, watching your favourite shows, sleeping at undisturbed lengths, enjoying some music…what a free day…hmm! Nice.

Then comes partially free days; when I think I’m free but I’m not completely free. These days are not completely relaxing as you dangle between being relaxed and occupied in work. Here you get just enough nap to energize yourself. You manage to watch your favourite shows but not sitting relaxed in a couch; you keep running around the house or in the kitchen cooking, with just enough volume to keep you engaged and give you the illusion that you are watching your favourite show. This happens as you run after the kids, helping them with their homework, taking your pet for a refreshing stroll. You are tied between “not working and still working” not in office virtually but creating a confused environment for your mind “at home, but still in office and working”.

Next, is when I try to be free. Let me explain that with an example. These are the days when you expect your in-laws. You don’t have anything to do and when you see your MIL approaching towards you, you make an excuse about some work and leave. You try to sit with your laptop creating an illusion to make them (your wife or your husband or even the in- laws) believe that you are busy with some work. You wait for them to ask, “Are you busy with something?” Oh! Yes, I’m busy (I’m just pretending…but I’ve just fooled you…haha!). Children are an exception. Let me assure you that you cannot fool children. If you play busy with them they’ll play obstinate with you. What or who do you think will win? Obstinate.

Finally, “I’m busy”. This is such a common statement that it is the best medicine for ignoring a person or a situation. Do you have time to come and visit me? No, mom I’m busy. But I’m actually busy. Do you have time to come for Aunt Benny’s birthday party? No, mom I’m busy working and will not get any leave. Not that, I don’t want to go but tell me a face that I don’t know there. Tell me if the party will have something new to it. This is not a time when I want to get even with Aunt Benny, when she gave me a gift that made me feel two years older than I already was in my teens or she forgot to give me a gift as a child (if I remember that was much better). My mom came to visit me and she asked, “Do you have two minutes to sit with me?” I would have said, “No, I’m busy.”

This time I did something that I normally don’t do when saying my golden statement. I saw…I looked at my mom…then a feeling of guilt circled my heart. I could see that she was bored, may be a little lonely but she did not complain. I thought she could have complained but she did not. She could have asked for anything else but she just asked for my “time”.

So, I gave her my time and company. Took a leave for couple of days…went shopping, bought her a bag and a pair of shoes ( she liked it very much), planned out an outing …me,mom and my sis. Now I remember the past time as “happy bonding time”. I was happy to see my mom leaving with couple of snaps of ours and taking a “happy memorable time” with her.